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Electrician Injury Claims

Across the UK, electricians are often forced to work in dangerous environments or with hazardous systems and equipment. Any electrical system which needs an electrician to look at it has something wrong. Even a relatively minor problem with an electrical system can be life-threatening if not approached with due care and attention. If you’ve been injured while working as an electrician in any environment, you may be entitled to claim compensation. If you’re looking for an experienced legal team to help you make electrician injury compensation claims, Tylers Solicitors is here for you.

If you’re looking for no-win, no-fee electrician injury compensation claims, get in touch with Tylers today. Our experienced team have helped hundreds of people to get the compensation they’re entitled to following accidents in the workplace. Whether you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, or a lack of health and safety, we are here for you.

What are the Common Causes of Electrician Injuries?

In most cases, electrician injuries are caused by another person’s negligence, or insufficient health and safety equipment. This could include anything from another party turning the electricity on while it is being worked on, improper insulation or non-trained personnel messing with an electrical system. Whatever the cause, if you’ve sustained any kind of electrician injury that isn’t your fault, get in touch with Tylers Solicitors today.

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    What Kinds of Electrician Injury Can I Claim Compensation For?

    Working as an electrician is one of the most dangerous jobs in the UK. Working with complex and potentially hazardous electrical systems can cause a wide range of injuries. In many cases, electricians can sustain injuries which aren’t directly related to the electrical system they are working on. For example, in addition to electrocution injuries, an electrician could also suffer cuts and bruises or a fall from height. In the most extreme circumstances, an electrician injury can even result in an avoidable or wrongful death.

    Is It Possible to Claim for Electrical Injuries if I’m Not an Electrician?

    You don’t need to work as an electrician to suffer electrical injuries. However, this does depend on your circumstances. If you choose to mess with an electrical system of your own volition, without the property training or safety equipment, then you will not be able to make a claim. However, if you have suffered an electrical injury of any type which wasn’t your fault, you should be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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    Why Choose Tylers Solicitors to Represent my Electrician Injury Compensation Claim?

    Here at Tylers Solicitors, we have helped hundreds of tradesmen, including electricians, to get the compensation they need to move on with their lives. Our experienced team are here to help you get the electrician compensation you’re entitled to following any injury that wasn’t your fault. If you’re looking for a team of no-win, no-fee legal specialists to help you get the electrician injury compensation you’re entitled to, get in touch today!


    For any Accidents at Work Claims, call Tylers Solicitors, a leading personal injury solicitor in Manchester offering compensation claims across the UK. Our experienced team will work with you to get the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to, following any kind of injury that isn’t your fault!

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    Compensation Amounts

    Electrician Injury Compensation Claims Amounts

    As with any kind of personal injury or accident at work, the amount of compensation you’re entitled to will depend on the severity of your injuries. The more serious your injuries, and the greater impact they will have on your long-term health, the more compensation you will receive.

    So, whether you’ve suffered a serious electric burn, fallen from a great height or sustained painful cuts and bruises while working, we are here for you.

    Curious about how much compensation you could receive? Get in touch or use our simple electrician compensation calculator below!

    Minor to Serious Electrocution Compensation Amounts

    Electrocutions are the most common kinds of injury that electricians can suffer, as you might expect. Most of these electrical shocks are relatively minor, resulting in nothing more than a few seconds of pain. However, they can also cause more serious injuries, including nerve damage and burns. If you’ve suffered an electric shock or been electrocuted at work and it wasn’t your fault, Tylers Solicitors is here for you.

    £1.360 to £91.910

    Falling from Height Compensation Amounts

    Electricians are often required to work at height when dealing with electrical systems. This is particularly true for any wiring which runs outside a home or business. Falling from height is a surprisingly common injury for electricians. If you’ve fallen from height as an electrician, due to a faulty ladder, a lack of safety equipment or someone else’s negligence, we’re here to help. In some cases, falling from height can lead to extremely serious head injuries, which can lead to long-term brain damage and even paralysis.

    £1,760 to £354,260

    Electrician Cuts & Bruises Compensation Amounts

    It won’t surprise you to hear that electricians are often forced to work in small, dark and cramped spaces. It is possible for electricians to suffer lacerations, bruises and other skin injuries while working in tight spaces. If you’ve suffered any kind of cut or serious bruise while working as an electrician, you may be entitled to claim. All your work should be carried out in well-lit areas which are free from obstructions. While this isn’t always possible, if you’ve suffered cuts or bruises due to your working conditions, we are here for you.

    Up to £19,930

    Wrongful Death Electrician Compensation Amounts

    If you’ve recently lost a loved one who worked as an electrician, you may be entitled to claim compensation on their behalf. Electricians work with extremely dangerous systems every day and wrongful deaths due to someone else’s negligence aren’t unheard of. If you’ve lost a spouse, close family member or guardian due to an electrician injury, Tylers Solicitors is here for you.

    Up to £307,000

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Do I Have to Start an Electrician Injury Compensation Claim?

    As with any kind of accident at work or personal injury, you have up to three years from the date of the injury to start your compensation claim. In some cases, these electrical injuries can cause long-term problems, including nerve damage. Most electricians prefer to start their compensation claim as early as possible. In some cases, getting the compensation you’re entitled to can take up to two years, so starting your claim early is often the best choice.

    Does Tylers Solicitors Offer a No-Win, No-Fee Electrician Injury Compensation Claim?

    Over the years, Tylers Solicitors has helped people from all walks of life to get the compensation they’re entitled to. Thanks to our no-win, no-fee service, you don’t need to pay upfront for professional legal support and representation. If you’re looking for any kind of no-win, no-fee accident at work support, or electrician injury compensation claims, we are here for you.

    What Kinds of Faulty Safety Equipment Can Contribute to Electrician Injuries?

    Electricians need to use a wide range of equipment, from tools to health and safety equipment, to protect themselves while working on electrical systems. Some of the most important tools and equipment electricians use include safety boots and gloves, clippers, screwdrivers and more. If any of these pieces of equipment have suffered any kind of damage or aren’t providing a reliable service, we are here for you.

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