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Office Accident Compensation Claims Information

It is fairly universal to state that a place of employment has certain obligations to its employees and to its patrons. Additionally, one can acknowledge that most businesses require a level of practices be conducted by its employees to regulate the safety and well-being of all persons within the office. The potential for an office accident to occur depends on many factors, primarily upon the negligence of the employer to implement realistic precautions to avoid such injury. Here is what you need to know about filing an office accident claim.

What Regulations are Mandatory?

Every business must have a level of safety and fire preparedness in place to reduce the risk of casualties. The UK specifically requires that employees be trained in basic emergency preparedness (the level varying dependent upon the type of business). Additionally, businesses must have a means to minimise potential dangers such as fires using fire extinguishers, alarms, proper containment of materials, etc. But it is not just fire hazards. The premises, the equipment, the egresses, the restrooms, and the other employees are just some areas where an accident can occur. Should you find that the mandatory regulations for a business have not been followed, you may have grounds for a claim.

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    How Should the Incident be Reported and Recorded?

    When an office accident occurs, employers should log the incident in an accident report book. It is important that you gain a copy of the report, as it is quite unlikely that in the event of a claim that the employer will admit to liability. If the company is part of a franchise or a major corporation, the victim of the accident should ensure that the HR headquarters have a copy of the incident. Again, you will want to ensure that you have a copy.

    What Documentation Will I Need?

    Should you decide to file an office accident claim, then you will need to have the proper documentation. This documentation will be a copy of the accident report, any police or emergency service reports (such as hospital records of the incident), and any ongoing medical treatment documentation which you may have. It is important that the person making the claim file their documentation at the proper time and with the proper departments. It is strongly recommended that you seek out the service of a claims professional.

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    Do I Have Grounds to Make an Office Accident Claim?

    If you have slipped and fallen in an employee restroom or in another area where proper precautions should have been taken to reduce the risk of slipping (such as on a manufacturing floor where rubber mats should be present) you may have grounds for an office accident claim.

    Employees which have received electrical shock due to the poor maintenance of office equipment may have grounds for a claim, especially if the machinery was noted to have safety issues and was not serviced properly. If you have experienced heat stroke or a blackout due to the weather conditions of the office space, you may be able to file a claim. Specifically, if the conditions of the office are below the regulations set forth by the UK.

    Any employee which has sustained major cuts, burns, bruises, broken bones, loss of limb, or any loved one who has lost a loved one due to the negligence of a business, definitively have grounds for a claim.


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    Compensation Amounts

    Office Accident Compensation Claims Calculator

    If you have suffered any type of injury in the office and it wasn’t your fault, then you could be owed compensation. Are you interested in finding out how much you could be owed? You can use Tylers very over simple calculator estimator below!

    Minor Arm or Wrist Fracture Compensation Amounts

    The majority of office accidents are not the employees fault and if you are a victim of an accident, then you could be owed compensation. If you have suffered from a minor arm or wrist fracture as a result of a trip or fall in the workplace, get in touch with us today.

    Up to £6,000

    Major Arm or Wrist Fracture Compensation Amounts

    Major arm or wrist fracture’s can happen in the workplace as a result of negligence and the employer not taking out their duty of care. If you have suffered this type of injury and it’s resulted in you being absent from work or taking a prolonged period of time off work, you could be owed compensation.

    Up to £38,000

    Moderate Back Injury Compensation Amounts

    If you have been subject to a moderate level back injury at work, you could be owed compensation. This often happens when an employee is ordered to manually transfer a heavy load, when they’ve not been instructed how to move it safely. Depending on the person, this can result in long-term back pains, absence from work and personal issues starting to develop.

    Up to £29,500

    Serious Back Injury Compensation Amounts

    In these instances, the back injury caused in the office environment can result in longer term problems and maybe hospitalisation. In these severe cases, pain is prominent daily and pain relief is hard to come by.

    Up to £46,000

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Choose Tylers to Make Office Accident Compensation Claims?

    Our specialised teams is here to help you with your personal injury claim today. Whether you want to claim for office accident compensation or any other related personal injury claim, we’re here to help you and guide you through the process. Over the years, we’ve had proven success with the clients we’ve worked with and helped them get the money the deserve.

    Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Office Accident Compensation Claims Solicitor?

    At Tyler’s, were proud to offer a no-win, no-fee personal injury service that helps you get the money you’re entitled too. The great thing about us is that you won’t have to pay us a penny unless we’re successful in your case. Even then, the money you pay us will come out of your eventual settlement fee!

    How Much Could I Claim for Office Accidents in the UK?

    While there are many cases online which have received substantial compensation, this may or may not reflect your specific case. Cases are gauged on the severity of the injury, the likelihood of such an injury occurring, the ability or inability of the business to prevent the injury, as well as the duration of the injury and the loss of wages as a result of the injury. When seeking compensation do not attempt to elevate the gravity of your injuries to receive higher compensation, such is illegal and highly dangerous. You are strongly advised to receive diagnosis and treatment from a doctor, nurse, or a medical professional.

    How Much Could I Claim for Office Accidents in the UK?

    The Health and Safety at work act clearly states that it is on the employers back to make sure that they take full responsibility to make sure its completely safe and practical for everyone in the workplace. Employers also have to take out a duty of care and are the leader of the workforce to ensure business operations run smoothly, as well as employee health and safety being a complete priority. If this isn’t met and and an injury is sustained, they are negligent and you could be owed compensation.

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