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Bicep Injury Compensation Claims Information

Hand injuries are some of the most common injuries in the UK and can be sustained at work, at a shop or elsewhere in your daily life. Whatever kind of hand injury you’ve suffered, Tylers Solicitors is here for you. Our experienced team can provide a complete range of hand injury compensation claims to suit your needs. Whether you’ve suffered hand injury at work or elsewhere, we are here for you.

Besides, you could be injured in an accident or even while on holiday. In such cases, it is advisable to seek compensation. This is because the injury might be too serious that you are unable to work to provide for your needs. You might not be productive as you were before the bicep injury. Some injuries can leave you paralysed hence bicep injury compensation is necessary.

How Much Compensation Could I Claim for My Bicep Injury?

As far as a bicep injury compensation claim is concerned, the amount that one can receive mostly depends on the nature extent of the injury. You must see a solicitor who is in a position to assess the whole situation and finally determine the amount. Here at Tylers Solicitors, we have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to help you to claim the maximum amount of bicep injury compensation you deserve. 

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    What are the Symptoms of a Bicep Injury?

    Biceps brachii muscles allow the arm to be flexible enough to move in various directions. The bicep injury often occurs in the biceps tendon – the area where it gets attached. In some cases, one can get injured after a previous injury on the shoulder or other parts around the biceps. Even doctors agree that its diagnosis is not easy because the pain can be due to other factors, in particular for an older patient. If you believe that you have a bicep injury, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure that you are effectively diagnosed and subsequently treated. 

    How Long Until I Can Claim for My Bicep Injury?

    It is advisable to always seek the services of a solicitor for a claim as soon as you get the bicep injury. This should be at least within that week or a few weeks after the injury. This allows the solicitor to properly assess the case and add up the costs to be incurred in the treatment. Waiting for too long can make you lose chances of getting proper compensation. Once the case is settled, it might take a while before you get your compensation claim, so begin to process your claim at the earliest opportunity. Contact us today.

    Bicep injury compensation claims

    Where Can I Find More Information on Bicep Injuries?

    You need not worry if you get a bicep injury because there are many sources to get help if you are looking for compensation. There are plenty of qualified solicitors who can help go through the compensation process, including our team of legal experts here at Tylers Solicitors. One of the easiest ways is to check online for information about a bicep injury compensation claim. You will get contacts of qualified legal advisers and solicitors to help you make your compensation claim. This gives you an easier time in deciding how to go about the whole process.


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    Compensation Amounts

    Bicep Injury Compensation Claims Calculator

    If you have sustained a bicep injury and you’re wondering if you could claim compensation for your specific case, get in touch with us today. Bicep injuries can range from minor to severe cases and can be caused in different ways, such as a workplace accident and sports injuries, just to name a few. Use our simple bicep injury compensation calculator below to find out how much compensation you could claim. 

    Proximal Biceps Tendon Compensation Amounts

    A proximal bicep tendon injury often occurs when one of the tendons attached to the shoulders tears. This can cause excruciating pain and be very uncomfortable to live with. It’s likely that only one tendon may tear in this case, but it may further damage the shoulder aswell. Get in touch with us to find out if you could be entitled to a claim.

    Up to £5,500

    Distal Biceps Tendonitis Compensation Amounts

    This type of bicep injury often occurs in instances such as lifting a heavy weight in the gym and tearing a muscle or tendon in your bicep. This type of injury can be so painful that it often tears the tendon from the bone and can leave you in excruciating pain. These types of injuries are uncommon but do still happen in the UK

    Up to £8,200

    Tendonitis Bicep Injury Compensation Amounts

    Tendonitis bicep injuries happen as a result of repetitive use of a certain are of the bicep. This is caused by the long head of the tendon causing inflammation and causing micro tears. It’s likely that you will sustain this type of injuries if you have other shoulder injuries such as shoulder dislocation or arthritis.

    Up to £12,000

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Benefit From a Bicep Injury Claim?

    Many people have benefited from a bicep injury compensation claim because everyone is entitled to that. Therefore, you should not be hesitant to seek services of a solicitor because the earlier you do it, the better. Besides, you will have a higher chance of winning the case. Always make everything clear to the solicitor so that it makes it easier to assess your situation and determine the right amount for your compensation.

    Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Solicitors for Bicep Injury Compensation Claims?

    Yes – here at Tylers Solicitors, we are a no win no fee claims solicitor. Our main aim is to protect our claimants from suffering any financial loss even as they are pursuing compensation. If you lose your claim, you are not entitled to any compensation. However, you will not lose too much even after seeking legal services because you will not be charged any legal fees. This is where your injury solicitor comes in handy to enable the insurance sort things out.

    How Long Before I Can Make A Claim For Bicep Injury Compensation?

    If you have suffered from a bicep injury that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Here at Tylers Solicitors, we would recommend that you file you claim as soon as possible to ensure that you can receive the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. As with most personal injuries, you can only make a claim up to three years after the accident. Be sure to keep this in mind if you are considering making a claim. 

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