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Fatal Accident Compensation Claims Information

If you’ve lost a loved one as the result of a fatal accident in the UK, then you will be able to claim. As long as the accident was not directly the fault of the deceased, you will be able to claim compensation from the party responsible. Thanks to the no-win, no-fee legal service that our professional team can provide, you’ll be able to get the compensation and the justice that you deserve.

Whether you lost your loved one at work, on the road or elsewhere, get in touch with our professional team today. We will work with you to get the compensation that you are entitled to. Although this money will never replace your loved one, it can be essential for helping you move on with your life.

What is a Fatal Accident?

A fatal accident is any accident which results in the deaths of one, or more, of the participants. In some cases, these fatal accidents can lead to the deaths or injury of innocent bystanders. A fatal accident will normally involve prosecution.

Here at Tylers Solicitors, our experienced team can provide no-win, no-fee legal services for all kinds of compensation claims. If someone you know has died following any kind of accident, get in touch with our experienced team today. We can help you to get the compensation that you need to move on with your life. No amount of money can replace the loss you’ve suffered, but it can help to make life a little easier in the months and years to come.

    What Causes a Fatal Accident?

    A fatal accident can be caused by a range of contributing factors, which often overlap. They can be caused by:

    • Improperly Maintained Equipment.
    • Participant Negligence.
    • Lack of, Or Failure to Comply to, Health and Safety Rules.
    • Exhaustion and Distraction.
    • Inebriation.
    • Bad Weather.

    How Can Improperly Maintained Equipment Cause Fatal Accidents?

    If the equipment you use is improperly maintained, it can cause fatal incidents. This could be due to issues with the brakes, for example, leading to collisions. Other concerns can be broken safety features and uncovered rotating parts, including blades and saws. If you have been left negligent by an employer, it’s not your fault and you could be eligible to claim compensation.

    fatal accident compensation claims

    How Much Compensation Could I Receive Following a Fatal Accident?

    The compensation that you receive following a loved one’s death with be dependent on variety of things. This could include the how instantaneous the fatality was and whether the blame can be fully attributed to someone else.

    Any kind of fatal accident can be a devastating thing to go through, particularly if you lose someone close to you. We know that the money you receive will never be enough, but it can make your life easier in the long run.


    If you’re looking for a trusted, UK provider of no-win, no-fee legal services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tylers Solicitors today! Our experienced team will work with you to get the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to, following any kind of injury that isn’t your fault!

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    Compensation Amounts

    Fatal Accident Compensation Claims Calculator

    If you have been the victim of a fatal accident at work and it wasn’t your fault, you can get in touch with one of our personal injury solicitor experts today and start your claim. The amount that you could claim for will vary depending on your unique circumstances. However, if you wish to get a rough estimate for how much you could be owed, use Tylers simple Fatal Accident injury compensation calculator below!

    Mental Anguish of the Deceased Compensation Amounts

    If the deceased survived the initial accident, but died of their injuries later, you will also be able to claim for the mental anguish / fear of death they were forced to undergo. Get in touch with us today to find out more. This is a difficult case but we can help you to get the compensation you deserve.

    £3,500 to £5,000.

    Loss of Benefits / Anticipated Earnings Compensation Amounts

    This amount will be calculated on the deceased person’s loss of earnings and benefits to the household. In exceptional circumstances, this number can be much higher than listed.

    £5,000 to £500,000

    Funeral Costs Compensation Amounts

    You will also be able to claim for the funeral costs following the accident. Funerals can be a great deal more expensive than you think, and the costs can often leave families and households struggling.

    £3,000 to £10,000.

    Wrongful Death Compensation Amounts

    If your loved one has died, you will be able to claim for a wrongful death against the person/company responsible. This number can be based on loss of wages and personal suffering.

    Up to £307,000

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Call Tylers Solicitors for No-Win, No-Fee Fatal Accident Compensation in the UK?

    Here at Tylers Solicitors, we can provide a complete range of no-win, no-fee legal services to all kinds of people. If you’ve recently suffered a bereavement due to a fatal accident in the UK, get in touch with our team today. We can help you to get the compensation that you need to move on with your life.

    Our experienced team can provide a complete range of legal services to help you get the compensation that you need. Our legal professionals are here to guide you through the entire process. For more information, get in touch with our sympathetic legal experts today by calling us on 0800 699 0079.

    How Much Compensation Could I Get Following a Loved One’s Fatal Accident?

    The compensation that you will receive depends on the circumstances surrounding the fatal accident. Following a loved one’s death, you could be able to claim for their funeral expenses, loss of earnings, personal suffering and more. Making a claim for compensation is probably the last thing on your mind; however, failing to do so could make your life even harder in the future.

    Why Should I Choose Tylers To Represent My Fatal Accident Compensation Claim?

    In the past, the experienced team at Tylers Solicitors has worked to provide a complete range of personal injury compensation claims. We can work with you make a claim for wrongful death compensation after any kind of accident. Whether your loved one has died during a traffic collision or due to an accident at work, we are here to help.

    We have helped people from all walks of life to get compensation for the loss of a loved one. Our no-win, no-fee legal services can help you to take on companies and individuals responsible for your partner or relative’s death.

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