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Hamstring Injury Compensation Claims

Hamstring Injury Compensation Claims Information

There is a good number of ways in which you can damage your hamstring through no fault of your own. If this sounds like something that has happened to you within the last three years and you are suffering because of it then you may be eligible to make a compensation claim. Call Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079 to make your compensation claim for your hamstring injury.

Personal Injuries are not just dangerous because of the immediate suffering and the short-term inability to function normally, but because there is a good chance that you may get crippled for life. At such times getting compensation might reduce the financial burden and in a way attempt to ease the suffering which you or your loved one might be facing. Amongst personal injury compensation claims, the one we receive most are for leg injuries, particularly hamstring injuries.

What Is A Hamstring Injury?

A hamstring is a group of muscles which are found at the back of your thigh, starting from the bottom of your pelvis to the back of your knees. Hamstrings are regularly used when we walk or run. Thigh muscles like the Achilles tendons and hamstring are capable of taking a considerable amount of strain. They are usually tougher since they are stressed every time we walk or run. However, if you stretch too far, or run faster or longer than you should, then you strain or tear your hamstring muscles leading to an injury.

The reason why hamstring injuries are critical is that they need a long time to recover. A minor strain in your hamstring muscles can take weeks to ease. All the time you are confined to bed, wheelchair or crutches. Pulls and tears can take up several months to be healed properly. This restricts your mobility for a long period and if your profession demands you to be on your feet for a considerable amount of time, then you may not work at your full capabilities or not be able to work at all. This is one of the primary reasons why there are lots of hamstring injury compensations filed every year.

Hamstring injury compensations are processed quickly since the compensation amounts are usually reasonable. There have been numerous cases filed in the UK over the years, especially those who have to strain their legs to lift weight or move quickly, as they were unable to perform their duties due to their injury.

    How Much Compensation Can I Claim for My Hamstring Injury?

    While minor strains and pulls can be treated at home as an OPD case, severe pulls, strains and tears usually require treatment at the hospital. A hamstring injury which restricts a person’s ability to function freely and normally can claim up to £22,000.

    The actual amount you can successfully claim differs according to the circumstances under which you received the injury. If you were an athlete who knew the risks of the sport, then the claims are difficult. However, if you received the injury due to a poor quality of training, lack of professional supervision while performing the exercises, lack or poor quality of required equipment or due to a sudden accidental fall, then the chances of winning the claim increases significantly.

    Partial negligence from your side may reduce the amount you can claim as damages. If you receive an injury because you failed to clarify a correct but unclear instruction from your trainer, then the responsibility falls partially on you leading to a lower claim amount.

    What are the Symptoms of a Hamstring Injury?

    Usually, a minor strain or minute tear can go unnoticeable. Hamstring injuries usually cause severe pain in the back of the thigh often increasing in pain as you try to walk or move your legs. A medical professional can detect the injury with visual observation for swelling or through multiple scans of the thigh.

    How Can I Make a Claim for Hamstring Injury Compensation?
    Hamstring Injury Compensation Claims

    If you have endured a hamstring injury and want to get compensated for the financial loss, you may contact us presenting your case and supporting documents, such as medical reports. Our team of medical experts will study the case thoroughly and decide whether the chance of winning the claim is possible or not. If the case can be won, then our solicitors will work in conjunction with you and work hard to win you the maximum amount of compensation. The success rate of hamstring injury compensation claims are usually good in comparison to other claims; we urge you to contact us as soon as possible.


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    Compensation Amounts

    Hamstring Injury Compensation Claims Calculator

    If you have been out of work or any normal activity due to a hamstring injury you have sustained, then you may be entitled to compensation. If you’re wondering about exactly how much you could be owed, then simply use our hamstring injury compensation calculator below. The amount you’re owed is directly correlated to the extent of the injury.

    Minor Hamstring Injury Compensation Amounts

    While all cases of hamstring injuries can extremely painful, these injuries are the least severe. These could include small periods of pain and won’t be present over time. If this has resulted in you having to stay off work for a few days or unable to take part in a daily activity, you could be owed compensation.

    £3,200 to £4,100

    Mild or Muscle Pain Hamstring Compensation Amounts

    If you have suddenly sustained a minor hamstring injury and its causing you minor muscle or pull strain then you could be owed compensation. It could take a few days to heal in this minor case and won’t be a sustained injury that will keep you out of work or regular activities longer term.

    Up to £6,300

    Partial Muscle Tear Hamstring Injury Compensation Amounts

    This extent of a hamstring injury may lead to a partial muscle tear that may see you out of sporting events or put you on crutches for an increased sustained period of time, normally between 6-8 weeks. The severity of this injury can be more uncomfortable with pain being more noticeable than it would be with a minor hamstring injury.

    £7,200 to £10,000

    Complete Muscle Tear Hamstring Injury Compensation Amounts

    This is the most severe of injuries when it comes to hamstring injuries. Here, it’s likely you will have suffered a complete muscle tear and could be owed the highest amount for hamstring injury compensation. In many cases, this type of injury can take months to recover from which has an impact on your mobility and other lifestyle factors.

    Up to £16,000

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Choose Tylers to Hamstring Injury Compensation Claims?

    Here at Tylers Solicitors, we are an experienced team of legal experts that can deliver a fully professional personal injury servce to work with you to assess if you could be owed compensation for your specific case. Throughout our years of working in the industry, we have worked hard on a variety of claims and successful claims.

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    Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Hamstring Injury Compensation Claims Solicitor?

    At Tylers, we offer a no-win, no-fee personal injury service to help get you the compensation that you deserve. Our team will do everything in their power to get you the money you may be entitled too. If our case doesn’t work out or it’s unsucessful, then you won’t owe us a penny! Get in touch with us today to find out more about our no-win, no-fee service!

    How Long After My Injury Can I Make a Compensation Claim?

    We advise our clients, current and future ones to file a claim as soon as they are diagnosed with the injury. The fresher the case is, the more chances that the claim will hold good, as there more chances of producing the witnesses, finding evidence and providing related documents. As a general rule, personal injury claims for an adult are valid as long as the injury has occurred in the past three years.

    Where Can I Find More Information on Hamstring Injuries?

    If you want to read more on personal injury claims and other such claims you can browse through our website or contact us directly for any specific information that you may need.

    A hamstring injury or personal injury can go a long way in crippling your life. We understand that and hard with our expert team of medical claims solicitors to bring the highest amount of financial compensation to you to ease your suffering.

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