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Bouncy Castle Injury Compensation Claims

Bouncy Castle Claims Information

Here in the UK, bouncy castles are used in a wide range of events. They are fun for both children and adults looking to celebrate a special occasion. They are extremely popular for children’s birthday parties and are a great way of adding a little extra excitement into any party atmosphere. Unfortunately, if not erected, tied down or otherwise installed correctly, bouncy castle injury can be fairly common. Any kind of bouncy castle injury can be serious, lead to long-lasting health conditions and can, in some cases, actually be terminal.

What is a Bouncy Castle Injury?

A bouncy castle injury is any kind of injury that you’ve sustained while using a bouncy castle. These injuries can also be sustained while setting up or deconstructing the equipment. In some cases, these injuries can be extremely serious. They will often result in chronic pains and can cause permanent or long-term injuries. In the very worst cases, it is even possible for a bouncy castle injury to result in death.

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    What are the Most Common Kinds of Bouncy Castle Injuries?

    Most injuries caused by inflatable play equipment are relatively minor and can include sprains, strains and fractures. It is also possible for the users to sustain neck or head injuries. It is also possible for suffocation and crushing accidents to occur.

    How Many People Suffer a Bouncy Castle Injury in the UK Every Year?

    Here in the UK, around 10,000 people suffer some kind of bouncy castle injury every year. This can be limited to temporary bruising, but can cause long-term damage, broken limbs and even death. Of these, around 4,000 injuries occur in private homes.

    bouncy castle compensation claims
    How Strong Does the Wind Need to Be Before Bouncy Castles Become Unsafe?

    The suitability of the wind strength depends on the size, and style of the bouncy castle. Bouncy castles are unsafe to use in winds exceeding twenty miles an hour. In the past, children have died due to inflatables being blown away.


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    Compensation Amounts

    Bouncy Castle Injury Compensation Calculator

    If you, or your child, has suffered from a bounce castle injury, our personal injury solicitors may be able to help make a compensation claim. Each unique injury may be slightly different in regards to the severity and location. However, if you want to work out how much you could potentially be owed, you can use Tylers’ simple bouncy castle injury compensation calculator!

    Minor Arm Injury Compensation Amounts

    If you, or your child, has fallen out of the bouncy castle, tripped over guidelines or landed awkwardly in the inflatable, it can cause minor arm injuries. These can include minor fractures and broken bones which will resolve themselves in an extremely short period of time.

    £5,800 to £16,800.

    Moderate Limb Injuries Compensation Amounts

    If you or your child have suffered any kind of limb injury with ongoing symptoms. This can include damage to your arms, hands, legs and feet. This will often include broken bones which can be difficult to heal, or which cause long-term, chronic pain.

    £16,800 to £34,000.

    Head Injuries Compensation Amounts

    If your child suffered serious head injuries, possible even causing brain damage. In any case, this can often cause long-term or even permanent health conditions. Brain damage can often be so serious that it prevents the sufferer from working, attending social activities or even caring for themselves.

    £6,000 to £275,000.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I Eligible to Claim for Bouncy Castle Injury Compensation in the UK?

    If you’ve suffered any kind of bouncy castle injury that wasn’t your fault, get in touch today. The experienced no-win, no-fee legal experts at Tylers Solicitors can help you to get the compensation you deserve. Our professional team have people from all walks of life to get the compensation they need to move on with their lives. Whether you, or your child, has suffered minor or serious health concerns, get in touch today.

    We can help you to get the compensation you need following any kind of physical or psychological accident. We can help you to get the compensation you need from the person or company responsible for your injuries. Whatever kind of injury you’ve suffered, get in touch with our experienced team today.

    How Can Tylers Help with Your Compensation Claim?

    Here at Tylers Solicitors, we can help you to get the compensation that you need to move on with your life. You’ll be able to make a direct claim for compensation against the person responsible for your or your child’s injuries. Our team of no-win, no-fee legal experts can help you to get the compensation you’re entitled to. Our experienced team can provide a comprehensive range of no-win, no-fee personal injury services. You’ll be able to bring the person or company responsible for your injuries to justice. With more than 10 years’ experience in all kinds of personal injury claims, get in touch with our experienced team today.

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