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Black Lung Disease Compensation Claims

Black Lung Compensation Claims

What is Black Lung?

Black Lung is a horrible disease that thousands of people across the UK are still suffering from today. Once known as “coal miners’ pneumoconiosis”, this illness isn’t just for coal miners. People from all walks of life are suffering from the illness, whether that’s due to their career or their environment. Here at Tylers Solicitors, we specialise in helping people like you to achieve black lung disease compensation for yourself or your loved ones.

Black Lung, sometimes known as “anthracosis” is a lung disease developed due to scarring of the lungs by coal dust retention. When you breathe in coal dust, the small particles of carbon in the air can cause irreparable damage to your lungs, making breathing painful and exercise impossible. In the past, this disease has largely been confined to coal miners and above-surface colliery workers.

Today, however, there are a range of potential careers which can suffer from these illnesses. If you deal with the grinding of mineral carbons or graphite, or if you work with carbon electrons, you can suffer a similar disease to the traditional Black Lung. If you are diagnosed with Black Lung and is related to a former occupation you could be entitled to compensation. Call us today to discuss your claim for Black Lung Compensation.

What are the Causes of Black Lung Disease

Black Lung disease is widely regarded as a work related illness. The main cause is the inhalation of coal dust over an extended period of time. When you breathe in coal dust particles settle into your airways and lungs. When your immune system tries fighting to remove these particles it can result in inflammation which in time will cause scarring. When scarring occurs this is known as Fibrosis. The extent of the disease will depend on how much dust is inhaled and over what period of time.

For many years employers in the coal industry did not provide employees with the correct protection against exposure to coal dust. As a result miners and people working above ground were forced to breathe in coal dust. Failing to take relevant precautions and look after the welfare of staff could be classed as negligent behaviour. If you have now been diagnosed with Black Lung disease because of the negligent actions of a current or former employer we are here for you.

    What Are the Symptoms of Black Lung Disease?

    Breathing in coal dust over the years can lead to a range of scarring on your lungs. If you go for a lung scan, the x-ray will show black areas caused by scarred tissue. The longer you are exposed to coal dust, the worse the actual condition becomes, and the more severe the symptoms can become. The most common symptoms of black lung disease include:

    • Shortness of Breath
    • A Chronic or Permanent Cough
    • Progressively worsening lung functions
    • Disturbed Sleep

    If you suffer from any of these symptoms, then it might be worth seeing if you are eligible for black lung compensation. It is important to visit a medical professional as soon as possible to get properly diagnosed.

    As it stands there is no cure for Black Lung disease making it all the more important to get the compensation you deserve. Getting a Black Lung compensation payment can help alleviate many of the concerns that accompany serious illness. When you suffer from a debilitating illness you may be forced to give up work. A compensation award can help remove the worry of how you are going to provide for your loved ones, while making sure you have the finances for any medical treatments. To find out how to start your claim for Black Lung compensation call our team immediately.

    How Do I Make a Claim for Black Lung Compensation?

    Making a claim for Black Lung compensation can be a straightforward process. Once you have received you diagnosis all you need to do is contact our professional team as soon as possible. Once we have established that you have a legitimate claim we will take over for you. Because of the demise of the coal industry many companies may no longer exist. However, our team specialise in tracking down the people responsible for your condition and get you the compensation you deserve.

    When making a claim for compensation it is important you furnish us with as much information as possible including up to date medical records. These should document if possible the extent and severity of your illness and probable cause. This type of information will play an important part in helping our team put forward the most compelling argument. So, if you have been diagnosed with or think you may be suffering from Black Lung disease contact us today.

    Black Lung Compensation Claims

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    Compensation Amounts

    How Much Black Lung Compensation Could I be Entitled to?

    The level of any award for lung related diseases generally reflects the prognosis. This is because lung disease is normally a worsening condition which quite often has a secondary effect. Black Lung disease is a perfect example of this where the condition will in most cases worsen over time. If you contract Black Lung disease as a result of regular exposure to coal dust in your working environment you could receive compensation to the amount of:

    Lung Disease causing serious Disability and premature death:

    If a member of your family contracts Black Lung disease that leads to them becoming severely disabled and dying prematurely, there could be a compensation award of:

    Up to £127,530

    Significant Beathing Difficulties E.g. Emphysema:

    If your lungs become less efficient and it leads to impairment of breathing. This can cause prolonged and frequent coughing, sleep disturbance, and severely restrict your ability to do physical activities. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms you could be entitled to a compensation payment of:

    Up to £51,420

    Beathing Difficulties:

    If you are suffering from breathing difficulties that lead to you needing to frequently use an inhaler you could claim compensation of:

    Up to £51,460

    Slight Breathlessness:

    If you are experiencing slight breathlessness that has no immediate impact on your ability to work you could still be entitled to compensation and the award could be:

    Up to £19,510

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When Can I Make a Claim for Black Lung Compensation

    You can make a claim for Black Lung Disease for a period of up to 3 years after being diagnosed. Compensation claims for illnesses such as Black Lung disease can take a long time to settle. Therefore it is better to start your claim as soon as possible to give you the best chance of an early settlement.  Making your claim immediately after diagnosis will give us the best chance of expediating your claim. So, if you feel you have contracted black lung disease as a result of the negligence of others call us today.

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