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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Compensation Claims

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

The possible causes include viral infections such as the Epstein-Barr virus, mouse leukaemia, and human herpes virus. Although there is no direct link, these viruses are the highest likely to cause chronic fatigue syndrome. Another speculated cause is a weak immune system as people who suffer from it has slightly impaired immune systems. Hormonal imbalance is also assumed to bring about the disorder when there are abnormal blood levels of hormones produced in the hypothalamus, the adrenal glands and the pituitary gland. The nature of these imbalances is however still under research and its significance is relatively unknown but it has been tried to be used in explaining the causes of CFS.

There is no identified or recognised test that can pinpoint a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, since it is not accompanied by any other medical condition. Regular tests may not be able to exactly reveal the syndrome. The symptoms include extreme fatigue, the affected person encounters memory loss and regularly loses concentration. The symptomatic person feels muscle pain, joint pains without reddening and swelling and a sore throat. The lymph nodes on the neck or in the armpits become enlarged. There is lack of sufficient sleep and exhaustion that lasts 23 hours after a physical or mental exercise. The factors that increase the likelihood of chronic fatigue syndrome are age, stress and sex. It occurs mostly in individuals between their 40’s and 50’s. The difficulties of managing stress can contribute to the disorder.

What Are the Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome If Not Treated/Diagnosed?

As a result of chronic fatigue syndrome individuals exhibit reduced social interactions, they sink into depression, they encounter lifestyle changes and their productivity will be affected by absences from duty. Most diagnosis of CFS is for symptom relief and it is not really prescriptive. Possible remedies for persons suffering from CFs are consumption of anti-depressants in low doses of relieve pain and improve sleep as well as sleeping pills. Graded exercises under the guidance of a physical therapist and psychological therapy can be recommended as help from a doctor. Therapy helps in motivating the individual to have positive outlook on life because they will have certain limitations such as social and lifestyle changes imposed by the disorder.

Chronic Fatigue syndrome can occur due to work related reasons and the company or your employer has a legal right to pay you Chronic Fatigue Syndrome compensation. The compensation should be provided by the help of solicitors and through legal processes. Cases of CFS have been reported to occur in men and women who have participated in in war zones and those who work in industrial firms where there is exposure to harmful chemicals. It can also occur in cases where the work schedule is rigid making employers overwork causing them to burn out and fatigue. This affects their sleep, their management of work related stress and ability to rest. So it is critical for the public to be informed on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome compensation and how you can access it.

Are There Any Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Organisations?

Suffering from an industrial or work related Chronic Fatigue disease can be mentally debilitating. There are organisations in England and the UK that can provide specific support and from the help of professionals in the field:

  • Action for M.E – Offering advice and welfare support to those with symptoms of M.E
  • Counselling Directory – This is an educational resource which offers guidelines on causes, triggers as well as treatments for asthma.

Are There Any Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Case Studies?

In 2012, a railway worker was handed a chronic fatigue syndrome compensation of £37, 000 after being exposed to dangerous chemical fumes from a faulty electrical box as he was working. The 44 year old man lost his job since he could not get out of his bed because of severe pain. He felt unwell after exposure to the fumes and his symptoms ranging from aching joints to chest pains and poor memory grew worse. He was diagnosed with chemically caused CFS with 60% disability. After his contract was eliminated he was advised by his trade union to claim compensation. The solicitors argued that the rail employer should have maintained the electrical box properly for workers’ safety. The rail company admitted liability and settled the matter out of court.

In a second case a widow made a CFS compensation claim for £1,000,000 against her former employer for damages and illness that she incurred leading to the loss of her job. The woman claimed she had been unable to work since 2006 after being terminated from her 12 hour a day job by the affects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. As a result of the illness, the woman cannot walk unaided without the aid of two walking sticks. It was explained to the court that the disorder was as a result of working in excess of 12 hours a day. The company unlawfully terminated the womens employment in the company, who ignored her doctor’s recommendations and still insisted that she went to work and when she could not.

For most cases you can claim a minimum chronic fatigue compensation of £27,500. Although the claims vary because of factors like the severity of the disorder, the expected recovery time and the money spent in trying to contain the symptoms of the condition. The length of time you wait until you can claim is determined by factors such the complexity and the level of information the solicitor needs to gather from other sources.

One of the main advantages of making compensation claims is that apart from being awarded money for your troubles, you will prevent the same thing that led to the occurrence of chronic fatigue disorder from ever happening to anyone else who could be a member of your family working somewhere. No win no fee claims were introduced in the UK in the mid-1990s to help people get a fair hearing and enabled them to access justice when they had no financial ability to pay for legal representation. Nowadays claimants are expected to pay the legal fees of their representation from the compensation they receive although solicitors still offer no win no fee services in a number of cases.

The above information is to advise anyone who is planning to file for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome compensation claims that solicitors can work on behalf of you to fill for compensation.

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