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Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome Compensation Claims

    Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome

    Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is known to occur for employees who work in an industry where they are constantly using vibrating hand-held machinery. It has been classified as an industrial disease since 1985. Employers may argue that they have informed the employee about the risk of injuries like HAVS before starting employment so they are covered against any compensation claims.

    Information in the guide “Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit” from the Department for Work and Pensions will inform you about the benefit given to an employee who has devolved a prescribed disease over a long period of time, because of using equipment where no safety guidance were given on how to use it.

    Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome has become common with tens of thousands of workers and is recognised thought out various industries. If you suffer from an injury and you believe it’s due to the equipment you use in your job then you are likely to be suffering from the following effects:

    • Fingers change colour (whiteness) – (Also see: Vibration White Finger)
    • Loss of manual dexterity (nerves and muscles damaged)
    • Tingling in your fingers (blood vessels and nerves damaged)

    Do you suffer from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome?

    You may have felt that you are not entitled to compensation because your employer has informed you about the likely health issues you may face with the job role you are fulfilling. However, this is not the case. The employer should have also informed you about how you can reduce the risk of forming Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. If not treated, HAVS will only get worse and it will begin to affect your performance at work.

    Therefore, get in contact with our solicitor claims team who specialise in dealing with claims such as HAVS. They are able to use their expert knowledge to listen to and manage your claim so you receive the compensation for your long term injury you are entitled to.

    How much compensation will I get for Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome?

    The amount that you could be entitled to receive for your compensation would be determined by the degree of the body parts that would be affected. If the Hand-arm vibration syndrome could have affected any number of your fingers and no disability is caused that could otherwise affect using the whole hand. You could be awarded compensation settlement in the region of between £2,300 – £13,000.

    If the syndrome causes you to have a disability on either both hands or on one hand, the settlement award could be between £13,000 to £25,000. If these symptoms are found to be affecting young people on either one hand or both, the claim settlements would be higher with the largest reaching the regions of £25,000 to £35,000. This is due to the reason that the young person would have to cope with these symptoms for a longer period in their life.

    How can you tell if you have Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome?

    This industrial disease affects the joints, nerves, blood vessels and the muscles found in the wrists, hands and arms of a person. It is dangerous to ignore the symptoms of this disease as it could lead to disability. In order to know whether you have the syndrome or not, there are several symptoms that you should look out for. They include; feeling a cold and tingling sensation on the fingers, the fingertips becoming numb and the skin on the fingers whitening. These symptoms cause one to have sleep disorders, not being able to feel things properly using the fingers as well as not being able to lift heavy or small objects. During the cold weather, the symptoms get worse. If you experience these symptoms, you ought to stop working with the vibration tools immediately to reduce the risk of getting permanently disabled.

    Are you a no-win-no-fee Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome Solicitor?

    This refers to the solicitors who only charge a fee when you win your claims. They help you file the Hand-Arm vibration syndrome compensation claims against your past or present employers and only demand payment after you win the claims case in court. This kind of an arrangement is great as it enables you to file for claims even when you do not have the necessary fees to pay for your legal costs as they would be deducted much later if you win the claims.

    Can you tell me the best place to look for information about Hand-Arm vibration syndrome?

    The best place to get information about this disease would be on the internet as there are so many websites that could give you all the answers to the information you could be seeking. An example of such a website is the www.patient.co.uk click on health information and search the Hand-Arm vibration syndrome.

    How do I make a Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome compensation claim?

    Compensation claims should be made as soon as possible as they could be limited by time. You would then be required to fill a compensation claims form and either send it online to your legal counsel or take it to them. You should fill all the necessary details concerning your claim in such forms as they would be relied upon by the court in coming up with an award for your claims. All supporting documents should also be attached as evidence in order to improve your chances of being awarded the settlement. The legal counsel would then file the compensation claims in the relevant court of law to await the determination of the court.

    Is there a hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome test I can take?

    Yes, there is a test that one would undertake. For purposes of a fair industrial compensation, there are a number of standardised tests that are used. There is the vibrotactile threshold test that is used to test mechanoreceptors. They respond to edge, texture and stretch and these receptors respond to different frequencies. This test involves taking measurements from a nerve on the index finger called the median and the little finger’s ulnar nerve in every hand at 2 frequencies. The thermal aesthesiometry test assesses the thermal threshold of the receptor. The readings are done on the two nerves earlier mentioned. The Purdue Pegboard test is a dexterity measure and it aims at detecting the loss of the fine movement of hands. Lastly, the grip force measurement test seeks to measure the strength of the grip of both hands.

    Who can make a claim for Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome?

    The person who suffers from the Hand-Arm vibration syndrome while working for their employer could be able to make the claim. They should also be able to prove that their employers are legally responsible for causing this condition.

    What is the Hand-Arm vibration syndrome diagnosis procedure?

    For the diagnosis procedure to be done, the following would be required; evidence that one has been exposed to a long term exposure to vibration, finding the associated features of the musculoskeletal, loss of sensation in the individual’s digits, calluses found on the hands and the muscles weakening although this do not show during the initial stages of this condition.

    The claim forms for the hand-arm vibration syndrome compensation claims are available here. One only needs to fill up the claims form and the rest would be handled by the legal experts at Tylers Solicitors. If one has the condition, they ought to learn how to live with it. You ought to eliminate the vibration source where possible or reconsider redeployment. You should also strive to keep the body warm as well as stopping some practices like smoking. You could also use some drugs although they have a small part to play but calcium-channel blockers and Nifedipine could prove useful

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