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How Much Compensation Could I Claim for Pneumoconiosis?

When one can prove suffering of pneumoconiosis, they can make a claim of refunds for the entire amount used in treatment. This will also include other losses that were incurred as a result of the condition such as loss of earnings during the recovery period. The amount payable depends on some factors including the severity of the condition, age and provable losses used in diagnosis and treatment. The compensation can be made against the employer if they are still in business. Those who are unable to make a claim from their employers due to ceased business can, however, seek government compensation.

The amounts one can receive are based on whether the symptoms are identifiable as caused by dust-related sources while in work. The most recognised are black lungs, which is associated with those in the mining industry. Once diagnosed with the condition, one can receive between £35,000 and £51,000. Severe conditions, which may result in early death and disruption of social life or work pattern, can receive between £51,000 and £89,000 according to successful cases made in Manchester.

How to Identify the Symptoms of Pneumoconiosis?

Identifying pneumoconiosis symptoms at early stages is very important, although just as difficult. There are a few signs that may not fully imply suffering the condition, and immediate diagnosis should be sought when any of the below is discovered.

  • Chronic coughs – Coughs that do not end or keep recurring should call for chest scanning to identify if pneumoconiosis is the possible cause.
  • Shortness of breath – Long exposure to the harmful particles may result in the lungs hardening and constricting which reduces the capacity and results in breathing difficulties.
  • Other symptoms which may be as a result of many years of exposure are disturbed sleep and worsening lung functions. A scan of the lungs will reveal black spots which are as a result of scarring caused by the harmful substances.

When the symptoms have been identified, an immediate diagnosis should be sought as one makes plans for filing a compensation claim.

How Will I Be Diagnosed with Pneumoconiosis?

There are three major diagnosis procedures for pneumoconiosis which include chest X-rays, occupational history review and pulmonary function tests. Chest x-rays and scans will reveal the severity of the condition indicating the changes which the affected lungs have gone through. The results should indicate black spots and honeycomb-like appearances which are as a result of hardening and scarring. Occupational history review involves going through the work history to identify which substances the patient was exposed to and for how long. This way, doctors can establish the medication that can relieve some of the effects. It also helps in classifying the type and level of suffering.

Pulmonary function tests include a group of evaluation procedures to identify how the lungs take in oxygen and release it to the body’s circulation system. The tests will provide information about lung volumes and diffusion capacities. Affected lungs will indicate a reduced capacity due to constriction and lower rates as a result of scarred, hardened areas. Diagnosis should be sought from experienced doctors in places where such cases are common like in Manchester & London. Since there is no clear treatment, making pneumoconiosis compensation may be the best chance of managing the condition. This will need the services of a soliciting company such as Tylers Solicitors to make your pneumoconiosis compensation claim.

Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Pneumoconiosis Compensation Claims Solicitor?

The chances of receiving compensation are boosted by services from experienced attorneys in the form of solicitors. Solicitors offer the services of case/complaint compiling, agreements with responsible companies or government bodies, court sessions and legal representations. The best service to go for is No-Win-No-Fee since no preliminary payments are needed. Similarly, no payments are given to the solicitors in case the compensation is denied. If the case goes through, solicitors will charge a small fee for their services with the larger portion of the compensation given to the victim. Information about solicitors can be found from referral websites, family attorney’s references as well as previous customers.

How To Make a Pneumoconiosis Compensation Claim?

Pneumoconiosis claims are made under the Workers Compensation Act of 1979 for dust-related diseases. The person making a claim must be able to prove inability to take civil action against employees due to ceased business. Claims can be made by actual victims or dependents of the victim in the case of deaths or chronic situations. The compensations are classified under the industrial injuries disablement benefits. There should be genuine official indications of diagnosis and all related expenses regarding medical attention used. Claims can also be made for loss of earnings during the diagnosis and recuperation period. Claims should be made straight away through solicitors who are more experienced in dealing with such cases. This should be done once all the evidence required has been compiled.

Should I Make a Claim for Pneumoconiosis Compensation?

The decision to make pneumoconiosis compensation claims should be taken as soon as a diagnosis is complete. Those working in mines and other sectors where there is exposure to dust-related substances should frequently perform checks to ensure they reduce chances of suffering adverse effects of the condition. Once the above symptoms have been made, diagnosis and claim should follow suite to increase the chances of receiving the deserved compensation.

Claims should be made through solicitors preferably on a no-win-no-fee plan. Prevention is however very vital since pneumoconiosis has no treatment and effects could be fatal. Using masks in work environments will help reduce the chances and promote better health. Call Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079 for your next steps to making a pneumoconiosis compensation claim.

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