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Siderosis Compensation Claims

What is Siderosis?

Siderosis is an occupational condition caused in miners and welders known to cause lung cancer and other respiratory function problems. The disease is attributed to extended exposure to tar, radon, and iron. The fumes caused by those working in these professions enter the airways and over time can obstruct the airways causing Siderosis. It is sometimes called arc-welder’s disease. Siderosis with pneumonia, lung cancer, and pulmonary fibrosis have been attributed with Siderosis. Specifically, welders and other professionals who have worked in a location where iron or an oxide of iron is present can develop Siderosis.

Symptoms of Siderosis

Siderosis can only be detected definitively through an x-ray or other medical scanning of the chest. In many cases a person will have another illness caused by the Siderosis which triggers the analysis from a doctor, nurse, medical staff, or practitioner.

If you have worked in any profession where iron or iron oxides are present in the air you are strongly advised to get testing conducted to see if you have Siderosis.

Do you have grounds for a compensation claim?

As there are no known symptoms for Siderosis (Welder’s Lung) and most cases are only noticed when an additional condition forms as a result of the Siderosis, the person needs to establish that their conditions are a result of negligence in an area which had high exposure levels of iron or iron oxides. If such is the case you may have grounds for a claim.

Those who have worked around iron or iron oxides which were not given proper breathing safety apparatuses (such as filtration masks) may have grounds for a claim. Even if there were PPE was available, if the company failed to install proper ventilation to remove the iron/iron oxides from the air then there may be grounds for a claim.

If you suffer from a condition directly related to Siderosis and have not contributed to the condition through unhealthy lifestyle choices which could cause Siderosis (such as smoking) you may have grounds for a claim, especially if you require the use of an oxygen machine or other such breathing assistance device.

Welders and other professionals who have developed Siderosis and have had such diagnosed as being a harmless respiratory problem or as a “benign pneumoconiosis”, meaning that the doctor, nurse, medical staff, or practitioner has stated that the disease would not cause any (or very minimal) problems with the repertory system may have grounds for a claim, especially if the condition was diagnosed as such and then caused a more serious condition as a result of the untreated diagnosis.

Individuals who have had a family member or a spouse die from an illness directly related to iron or iron oxide consumption may have grounds for a claim, specifically if that individual worked in an industry where such substances were present and was not advised of the health risks, was not given proper preventative equipment, or if the maintaining of such materials in the air was neglected.


There is much debate over Siderosis and compensation claims must show negligence in order to be successful. Compensation claims are dependent upon a number of factors such as the grossness of the negligence, the extent of the injury sustained as a result of the negligence, as well as the timing in which the claim was filed after being diagnosed with Siderosis. The sooner you file your claim the more apt you are to receive compensation. As Siderosis is only detected by x-ray or other chest scanning measures performed by a doctor, nurse, medical staff, or practitioner you will need to have such documentation in order to file your claim. Those filing on behalf of a loved one must show how the illness attributed to the loved one’s condition or demise.

Individuals who smoke or have unhealthy living habits which directly affect their respiratory system are less likely to win their case. Where you can still file a compensation claim, please note that your current lifestyle habits will be brought into question as to whether or not they contributed to your current condition.

We are here to help you claim compensation

If you have been diagnoses as having Siderosis or any condition which may have resulted from welder’s lung, or if you were misdiagnosed later to find out that you did have a condition and would like to know your options for filing a claim we are here to help. Our team of professionals will work with you one-on-one to evaluate the specifics of your case and to advise you as to the best options to get you the compensation that you deserve. Should you chose to use our services, we will file all the documentation needed in a timely and professional manner.

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