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While working, various legislations and health and safety regulations provide that employers must provide a minimum level of protection against silica dust. If you have been diagnosed with silicosis, you must evaluate whether your condition has been caused by your working environment. If you are currently working or have previously worked in an environment that has exposed you to silica dust, you may be entitled to some legal silicosis compensation claims.

A legal claim against your employer can help cover the cost of your treatment and provide some form of compensation for your suffering.

How Much Compensation Will I Get for Silicosis Claims?

If you’ve been diagnosed with the disease, your silicosis compensation claim can be done in the following ways:

  • File a claim for industrial disablement benefit. This will entitle you to receive weekly compensation if you are exposed to silica within the premises of your working environment. Keep in mind that exposure due to self-employment will not qualify for the claim.
  • Launch a civil action to claim for compensation in the UK courts. A professional legal adviser will help you understand this process.
  • Claim a lump sum of compensation under the Workers Compensation Act 1979. You can claim for compensation under this Act if you have silicosis or you are a dependent of someone who has died from silicosis. This is usually the option undertaken by those who are unable to get compensation because their previous employers have ceased their business operations.

The Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit that you will get will largely depend on the extent of your disability. Payments are available from the UK Department for Work and Pensions. Each claim for silicosis is assessed on its merits, individually. The compensation for silicosis can range from £2,500 for mild cases to over £30,000, in some severe cases.

How Can I Tell If I’m Suffering from Silicosis?

Silicosis in the early stages may go unnoticed for many years. In many instances, X-ray results of some patients who have chronic silicosis do not reveal visible abnormalities until after 15 to 20 years. The most common symptoms include prolonged fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, chest pains, severe cough, and shortness of breath after physical activity. Often, the silica dust in the lungs inhibits the body’s ability to fight infections, making the patients more susceptible to developing bronchitis and tuberculosis. Recent medical studies suggest that exposure to silica crystals increases the risk of developing lung cancer.

Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Silicosis Claims Solicitor?

Silicosis is an industrial respiratory disease that could lead to the inflammation or scarring of your lung tissues. This is a condition that could leave you incapacitated throughout your lifetime. Hence, we want to ensure that those who are affected by silicosis because of their employer’s failure to conform to the required health and safety regulations are given the proper silicosis compensation claims and the chance to improve the quality of their lives.

If you have been diagnosed with silicosis, then you may be entitled to a claim for compensation. All the personal claims we handle are on a No Win No Fee basis. We guarantee that you will never have to pay us if you lose your claim.

Where Can I Find More Information on Silicosis?

If you would like more information about silicosis, you may consult your healthcare provider. Furthermore, you can also get in touch with us. We can help you get in touch with the right professionals and government agencies that will help you understand about the disease. It would also be best to get in touch with a Silicosis Support Group nearest to you. They can provide you with ample information to help you through your ordeal.

How Do I Make a Silicosis Compensation Claim?

If you are diagnosed or know someone who is suffering from silicosis, keep in mind that the laws providing compensation for injuries suffered because of silicosis have strict time limits for filing and specific documentation requirements.

The first step of the claims process is to contact us for an accurate advice on how to proceed with your silicosis compensation claim. Our specialists will be glad to answer all your questions and to evaluate the merits of your case. We will give you advice about whether or not your claim is valid.

The next step of the process is to consult a medical professional who will help you establish the diagnosis of your symptoms to a possible exposure in your work environment.

Is There a Silicosis Diagnosis Test I Can Take?

If you have previously worked or you are currently working in a high-risk environment, you should consider getting yourself tested for silicosis. Your health provider will examine your medical history and may ask questions about your work environment. Other tests are done to rule out similar diseases and confirm the diagnosis. The tests may include:

  • Chest X-ray
  • Chest CT scan
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Purified protein derivative (PPD) skin test and other adjunctive tests to distinguish silicosis from other diseases
  • Serologic test for connective tissues, sometimes tissue biopsy for confirmation

Who Is Eligible to Make a Claim for Silicosis?

Silicosis is a debilitating and uncomfortable disease that can cause you and your loved one’s pain and distress. At present, there is very little chance of complete recovery from the disease, therefore it is proper to file a silicosis compensation claim for your struggles. This will help to improve the quality of your life throughout your ordeal.

If you need assistance to evaluate and file your compensation claim, our team of professional and friendly solicitors will assist you to go through the steps of your specific case.

How is Silicosis Diagnosed?

If you have experienced any of the symptoms above or if you suspect you have been exposed to silica dust, you must consult your GP. Your doctor should follow these procedures to diagnose your disease:

  • Evaluate your medical history, including your past or present jobs, hobbies, and activities that could have exposed you to silica dust.
  • Evaluate your symptoms and the treatment you have undergone.
  • Conduct a physical exam and other tests to confirm the diagnosis and rule out similar diseases.
  • Evaluate whether you need to see another specialist for more confirmatory tests.

You may also get in touch with one of our solicitors as we have access to a range of specialist that will guide you in taking the proper steps so that you will get the maximum amount of silicosis compensation.

Where is The Silicosis Compensation Claims Form?

When filing for silicosis compensation, time is of the essence. There are various protocols that must be followed and specific requirements to accomplish. If you have any reason to believe that you have developed silicosis due to exposure to your working environment, feel free to fill in our compensations claim form. It will help us to evaluate your case and see if you can make a claim.

Our years of experience in handling silicosis compensation claims enable us to know the rigours of the process to ensure that you receive the right compensation.

What Can You Tell Me About Silicosis Diagnoses?

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for silicosis. If you are diagnosed with the disease, you will less likely recover completely. The goal of silicosis treatment is to manage the complications and improve the quality of your life. Your GP may prescribe medications, such as bronchodilators, cough medicine, or oxygen that will help alleviate your breathing problems and open your airways.

In some instances, you may be given antibiotics to combat any respiratory infection. It is important that you stay away from silica dust and other irritants such as smoke, allergens, and pollution to prevent the disease from getting worse.

If you are a smoker, then you should immediately quit smoking. Light to moderate exercise may help improve your breathing.

There are various health and safety protocols that should be followed, and if you think that your former or current employer have gone against certain regulations causing you to contract silicosis, then you can make a claim today. Call Tylers today on (freephone): 0800 699 0079 to see if you can make a claim today.

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