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    Wiltshire Council Compensation Claims Information

    Every year Wiltshire Council is instructed to pay out large amounts of compensation to those who, due to the negligent actions of the council, have been negatively affected by their actions. It could be that you have been affected whilst employed by the council or endured some form of pain and suffering due to their negligent action. If this sounds like you then you could be entitled to compensation. Tylers Solicitors can help you claim what you rightfully deserve in a no-win, no-fee claim for compensation.

    Our team at Tylers Solicitors offer a vast array of legal services on a no-win no-fee basis to suit the needs of your individual claim. No matter what the circumstances of your potential claim, our knowledgeable legal team are ready to assist. Do not delay – call Tylers Solicitors today.

    What Kinds of Injuries Can I Claim Against Wiltshire Local Council For?
    Should you have sustained any type of injury that you were not responsible for, we can certainly help. Our trained legal team will work for you in finding a favourable outcome for any injury you have suffered due to the negligence of Wiltshire Council; be it spinal or head injuries, broken bones, or anything due to slips and falls, we can help.
    How Common Are Wiltshire Council Claims?
    Large amounts of compensation are paid every single year from Wiltshire Council to individuals who have sustained all different types of personal injuries through negligent actions. If you have endured any type of personal injury and you are considering action to claim compensation, contact Tylers Solicitors today.
    Why Should I Choose Tylers’ No-Win, No-Fee Solicitors to Represent Me?
    With many years of experience in claiming compensation from local councils across the UK, Tylers solicitors are well-placed to assist you in your personal injury claim. If you have sustained any type of injury as a result of the local council’s negligence, we are here to help. For an experienced team to assist you in a no-win, no-fee legal service, get in touch with our experienced team at Tylers solicitors, we are waiting for your call.
    Am I Eligible to Claim Against Wiltshire Council?
    Here at Tylers solicitors, we are well experienced in offering a plethora of legal services that not only focuses on getting you the compensation that you deserve, but also the peace of mind that you may need to look to the future after your accident. We can help with claims against Wiltshire Council, not only if you live in the Wiltshire area, but also should you reside out of town. Our primary aim is that you receive the compensation you are entitled to.
    Wiltshire Council Compensation Claims Calculator

    When considering a claim for compensation for a personal injury that you are not responsible for, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Our team at Tylers Solicitors can assist you in starting your claim for compensation from Wiltshire Council, up to three years after the incident. It could be that you have been left with long-term effects due to your injuries, and in general, higher amounts of compensation are awarded to those with more serious injuries.

    Want to know how much compensation you could be eligible to claim? Pick up the phone today and speak to us at Tylers Solicitors for your no-win no fee service. You can also use the calculator below to obtain an estimate of Wiltshire Council compensation that you may be entitled to.

    Slips, Trips & Falls Compensation Amounts
    Have you sustained any type of injury by way of a slip trip or fall that is attributed to the negligence of Wiltshire council? If this sounds like you, contact our team at Tylers solicitors today to begin your compensation claim.
    Up to £307,000
    Injured While Working for Wiltshire Council Compensation Amounts
    Whilst working for Wiltshire Council, you may have endured harm or injury of any kind, which could mean that you are eligible to begin a claim for compensation. Employers have a duty of care and our team here at Tylers Solicitors will are well-placed to advise you of your options for a compensation claim.
    Up to £307,000
    Wiltshire Road Traffic Accidents Caused by the Council Compensation Amounts
    Tylers Solicitors can also assist in compensation claims for road traffic accidents caused by Wiltshire Council. Should you be looking to discuss a potential claim or simply looking for advice, do not hesitate to contact our team today.
    Up to £112,750
    Injured by Wiltshire Council Negligence Compensation Amounts
    Here at Tylers solicitors, we can assess those who have been injured through the negligence of Wiltshire Council. Whether you are an employee or a member of the public, we can offer advice and guidance on how to pursue your claim, be it a minor or more serious injury. Our experience means that we can offer our no-win, no-fee guarantee to those injured by Wiltshire Council’s negligence.
    Up to £136,700

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Do I Have to Claim for Wiltshire Council Compensation?

    When considering whether to make a claim for compensation, you have three years from the date of the event to start legal proceedings. Our experienced team at Tylers Solicitors will ensure a smooth process in initiating your claim, taking away the stress of complicated legal procedures and ensuring your peace of mind.

    Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Solicitors for Wiltshire Council Compensation Claims?

    You will never be asked to pay any up-front legal fees with us at Tylers Solicitors as we work on a clear no-win, no-fee basis. We guarantee that you only need pay for your legal services with us if and when you win your claim for compensation and our experienced team will guide you through the process from start to finish.

    Need more information? Don’t worry, Lee Kirton or one of our other professional claims solicitors will advise you along the way

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      Tylers Solicitors Accepts Wiltshire Council Compensation Claims

      Should you be unsure or be considering a claim for compensation against Wiltshire Council, you can contact us at Tylers Solicitors to discuss your individual case and any questions you may have. Our team will work with you to obtain the compensation you deserve after an injury or accident that was not your fault, but due to the negligence of Wiltshire Council. For further information on our no-win, no-fee representation, call our team today on 0800 699 0079. You can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.