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Brain Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims
In the UK observed that one in four cases will often be sent home by their physicians on the claims that all is well’. Early warning signs are treated with minimal attention and with the assumption that they are minor ailments until for some it is too late. This case is common globally where potential brain cancer patients are released from hospital having been diagnosed and treated for a different ailment. Nonetheless, the major question is: what is brain cancer misdiagnosis and why is it so rampant? Brain cancer occurs where there is growth of mutated cells in the brain tissue. Normally, the tumour can either start in the brain tissues themselves or begin in another body area and spread all the way to the brain. The tumours can either be cancerous, noncancerous, benign or malignant.

What are the Symptoms of Brain Tumour?

Brain tumours generally take space within the brain and can result in pressure on either the brain or skull. The subsequent symptoms are dependent on the location of the said tumour in the brain. Nonetheless, the commonest symptom of brain tumour patients is a headache. Some other symptoms experienced include: Total or partial hearing and vision loss, in particular peripheral vision, movement loss either in an arm or leg, Nausea and vomiting, Disorientation or dizziness, memory loss and double vision.

What Counts as Brain Tumour Misdiagnosis?

The fact that most of the symptoms displayed by brain cancer patients mimic those of other ailments increases both the chances and frequency of misdiagnosis. Normally, brain tumours diagnosis is done through information obtained from brain scans, neurological tests and in some cases biopsy.

For common reasons for Misdiagnosis of Brain Tumours, there are various factors that lead to brain cancer misdiagnosis as identified from the various misdiagnosis claims.

Nonetheless, the most common factor is that most of the symptoms exhibited by these patients are similar to symptoms of other diseases and as such physicians often diagnose and prescribe treatment for other diseases. Some of the diseases that have similar symptoms and which many patients are diagnosed with include: Headaches or migraines, Meningitis and Alzheimer’s disease. This can be fatal for patients since the tumour may significantly grow and ultimately affect other functions of the brain and even result to death.

Brain scans are normally characterized by significant risk factors in the form of exposure to radiation and as such unless the physician has strong suspicion of a brain tumour, these tests are not often undertaken.

Brain tumour misdiagnosis is a significant problem as identified by the numerous misdiagnosis claims and subsequent patient deaths. You may be available on the grounds for a claim from certain scenarios that the GP has missed a certain sign on one of the scans. Moreover, there have been such stories that a patient has been diagnosed with brain cancer even though they don’t have it. This is also a misdiagnosis from the GP therefore you would be available for a claim. As such, it is vital to create awareness first to the patients on the various symptoms of brain tumours and to the physicians on the importance of proper screening prior to releasing patients.

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