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Cervical Cancer Compensation Claims

    What Is Cervical Cancer?

    Cervical cancer is a form of cancer that develops around the cervix, or the lower part of the female’s uterus that leads to the vagina. Over the years, there have been thousands of cases related to cervical cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims. This is where a patient who suffers from cervical cancer receives a lower care standard, by their doctor, than the recommended one.

    The major cause of this type of condition is the professional negligence or incompetence of a doctor towards the symptoms of a certain patient. The level of mutilation that has been caused by the cancer will significantly affect the amount that will be received in compensation.

    How Much Compensation Could I Claim for Cervical Cancer?

    Generally, cervical cancer characterised by misdiagnosis by the doctor will normally attract a compensation of £2,500 more. Nevertheless, there are some situations that will be eligible for more than £100,000 in compensation. Especially if there is more damaged or loss of life due to the condition’s effects.

    For instance, one patient, Caroline reported to her doctor about irregular monthly period. Later on, the doctor didn’t take much into account and as the patient lived with the condition for more than 10 years, she finally passed away. In return, the claim was compensated £175,000 and the husband was paid an extra £5,000 for the loss of love, support and companionship.

    The value of every claim will be reviewed by the solicitor and the end results will determine how much you will be paid in compensation. There is no a standard amount of compensation.

    What Are The Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

    There are several symptoms related to cervical cancer misdiagnosis and these include:

    • Blood in the urine
    • Bone Pain
    • Constipation
    • Swelling of one or both the kidneys
    • Swelling of the legs
    • Uncommon appetite loss
    • Excess blood from the monthly period.
    • Uncommon loss of weight
    • Fatigue, tiredness and lack of energy

    These are such symptoms that need immediate attention when they are noted. Once you suspect that you could be suffering from cervical cancer, based on these symptoms, it is highly advised to seek medical attention soon enough. Your GP will be able to examine you and if they feel they conclude that the symptoms are highly linked to cervical cancer, you will be recommended to receive a smear test.

    How Will My Cervical Cancer Be Diagnosed?

    The few tests that will be carried out in order to be verify a diagnosis include:

    • Colposcopy – This procedure will be carried out by a Gynaecologist, in order to examine the internal vagina. During the test, a miniature tube that has a microscope and a light will be attached and inserted in the cervix to determine any uncommon feature. A small sample will be removed and be tested for any abnormalities.
    • Cone Biopsy – If the gynaecologist cannot view the cervix properly during the colposcopy, he will carry out this second procedure. It entails a tiny operation, whereby a small part of the cervix (the cone-shaped) is removed to be examined closely. Normally, this will be done under analgesic, which may be accompanied by vaginal bleeding and pains for around 4 weeks.

    If the results indicate that there are positive cancer signs, then further testing will be carried out. This is because the cancer could have spread to other body parts and you will receive such tests like blood tests, chest x ray and other scannings.

    Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Cervical Cancer Compensation Claims Solicitor?

    A No win, no fee is such condition whereby you will not be required to pay any amount, if you have lost a claim. Nevertheless, if you successfully win a claim and you have been awarded you compensation, there you will be charged by your solicitor. The compensation will vary in terms of the agreement, whereby a percentage could be put on the general compensation that you will receive. That implies that, if you are paid more in compensation, you will relatively pay more money to the solicitor.

    We are a no win, no fee solicitors and you are at liberty because you actually have nothing to lose. If you will, the money will come from the compensation and if you lose, you won’t pay any pound.

    How Would I Make a Cervical Cancer Compensation Claim?

    If you are fully convinced that the care standard received from a medical expert is lower than your anticipation, you will be entitled to make a claim for medical negligence. Also, you will be eligible for a claim if the doctor doesn’t perform a cervical cancer test, in spite of being given or proving related symptoms. Also, if he doesn’t examine any abnormalities, you will be entitled to negligence.

    When you have your proof of negligence with you, preferably in document form, you will then need to contact a competent solicitor, who will commence you compensation process immediately. The solicitor will carry out the legal procedure and prepare the relevant information, along with documents that are relevant to your case. Once all is in place, the claim process will commence immediately.

    How Long Until I Can Claim for Cervical Cancer or Misdiagnosis Compensation?

    Usually, you will be required to ensure you have factual evidences before you can contact a solicitor for assistance in claiming for the compensation. Usually, you must collect all the relevant facts and evidences that relate to your case in order to fully support your case. However, you shouldn’t take more than 3 years after you have been diagnosed, because the case would be obsolete.

    Furthermore, for health purposes, you will need to contact the solicitor, immediately you have been diagnosed. This is because the cancer can spread in other body areas. Within the first four weeks of the diagnosis, ensure you have filed for a claim with your solicitor. One patient died of cervical cancer misdiagnosis because the cancer was in the body for more than 10 years, without being treated.

    A cervical cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims can be lethal and extra high if they leave major damages to a client’s body and general lifestyle. Ensure your solicitor gives you the relevant information related to the cervical cancer.

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