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Prescription Error Claims

How Will I Know When A Prescription Error Warrants a Claim for Compensation?

These days, there seems to be a prescription for every ailment and for the most part, doctors do a good job of prescribing the correct medication for the correct ailment, but there are sometimes when doctors make an error in prescribing medication to a patient. The results of a medication error can be anywhere from a mild discomfort all the way to catastrophic circumstances. A prescription error can happen to anyone, but there is no need to suffer any longer if you know the signs.

What are the Symptoms Which Could Be Caused By Prescription Errors?

The actual symptoms of the wrong type of medication can be difficult to determine because of the fact that many drugs cannot only have singular side effects but others when the prescription is mixed with other drugs. There are however some quite common symptoms that can let you know that you may have been a victim of a prescription error.

  • Rash or Skin Irritation – Our skin is usually the first part of our body that tells us that something may be wrong. A rash or itchy skin can be a signal that the medication your doctor has prescribed you a medication that you could be allergic to.
  • Ailment Worsens – When prescribed medication, the time it takes to begin to feel the effects can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but if symptoms worsen, it is likely that the prescription is not the right one for the ailment or you are simply not getting the right dosage.
  • Slurred Speech – Medications can sometimes cause slurred speech. The inability to form words can be related to neurological issues and therefore if this happens, the patient needs to seek immediate medical attention to ward off any prolonged issues.
  • Intense Pain – Depending on the ailment you are taking the medication for you may be in considerable pain, but if there is no pain evident before taking the medication and then suddenly you are in pain, it can be a sign that the medication is prescribed in error.

What are the Reasons for Prescription Errors?

No one should have to suffer because of a prescription mistake, but unfortunately, these errors do happen and can cause anywhere from mild symptoms all the way up to an unfortunate death, but there are some reasons why a prescription error can occur. Here are a few of the reasons to let you know if you may have a claim for prescription error.

  • Human Error – One of the most common forms of prescription error is one of the oldest as well. Humans are humans and they can make errors. Doctors are known for having less than perfect handwriting and handwritten prescriptions can be misread by the pharmacist.
  • Computer Error – In recent years, most doctor’s offices and hospitals have turned away from the hand-written prescriptions to the somewhat more reliable computer-generated versions. This does take away the problem of the pharmacist being able to read the prescription, but computer errors can happen from one key being missed or hit at the wrong time.
  • The patient is Allergic – Most doctors will ask the patient every time if they are allergic to any known medications. They do this to ensure that the information in the computer is correct and stays current. However, if you have been prescribed a new medication or the doctor neglects to ask about allergies, you can be at risk of getting a prescription you are allergic to.
  • Combining Medications – Side effects can happen from any medication, but the side effects can worsen when mixed with certain medications. This error occurs quite commonly when the doctor or nurse does not realise that the patient is already taking a medication that can react negatively with the one they are prescribing.
  • Prescribed for Too Long – Medications are mostly prescribed for a short period unless you have an ailment that is a continual issue and some of these medications can lose their ability to treat the problem if they are used for too long. They can cause the body to have an adverse reaction, so the dosage, as well as the time to take the medication, have to be correct.

Do I Have a Claim for Compensation for My Prescription Error?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or suspect that there was an error, it is likely that you have a claim. The claim, however, should be pursued quickly to avoid any more discomfort and to keep others from suffering the way you have. Doctors are increasingly becoming more negligent with how they prescribe medication, and you should not have to suffer for it. If you suspect that a prescription error has occurred for you or anyone you are close to, the results can be life altering, so do not delay.

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