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Pharmaceutical Drugs Compensation Claims

    When you’re unwell, and you get a prescription from your doctor for the medication that you believe will restore you to health, perhaps the last thing you’d expect is to be made worse by that medication.

    This has sadly been the case for many people in recent years, and their experiences have led them to pursue compensation claims with Tylers Solicitors as they seek to rebuild their lives after falling victim to clinical negligence.

    According to the UK’s drugs and pharmaceutical product regulation authority-the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, (MHRA), some 40,000 medical prescription and dispensation errors occur annually with a fifth of these mistakes resulting in substantial harm to the affected patients. About 5% of these errors result in serious harm and even death in the most severe cases. Most of the drugs registered by the MHRA are completely safe, but they may, at times, approve medication which has later proven to be damaging to the long-term health of the patients for whom they are supposed to help.

    Can Prescription Drugs Be Dispensed or Prescribed Incorrectly?

    Most of the time, doctors prescribe the correct medicine for their patients and pharmacists dispense that medicine correctly as prescribed by the doctor, encountering few, if any, problems with the drugs they are given. On rare occasions, however, doctors can accidentally prescribe incorrect medication to their patients and pharmacists can unintentionally dispense the wrong dosage of that medicine or even dispense a medicine not prescribed by the doctor at all. Drugs being incorrectly labelled and improper knowledge of abbreviations on drug packets have also led to clients pursuing compensation claims with us over recent years.

    What are the Side-Effects of Prescription Drugs?

    As is so often the case in life, there are risks involved with so many things. The medicines produced by the pharmaceutical industry are no exception, and the drugs themselves pose a serious threat to the overall health and well-being of patients if not treated with the utmost care and attention by the professionals who deal with them all the time. Most drugs have various side-effects associated with them and problems can be encountered even when they have been correctly prescribed by the doctor or dispensed correctly and at the right dosage by a pharmacist on the doctor’s behalf.

    Can I Be Allergic to the Ingredients Contained in Prescription Drugs?

    There are also problems associated with the length of time a patient is advised by their GP to take the medicine they have been prescribed as prolonged exposure to ingredients contained within the drugs which the patient may unknowingly have an allergy to can inadvertently lead to various potentially serious complications. In addition to this, some drugs can be toxic and addictive, and other problems can occur when two or more drugs are prescribed which should not be taken together. Babies and young children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of incorrect prescription of medication and administration of larger doses of the correct medicine usually reserved for the treatment of adults.

    Can I Call Tylers for No-Win, No-Fee Prescription Drug Error Compensation Claims?

    Whatever problem you’ve encountered regarding errors relating to pharmaceutical drugs, Tylers are here to help you in whatever way we can. Our expert team of clinical negligence lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case, offering expert help and advice along the way and guiding you through both the NHS complaints and compensation claims processes. We will help you to pursue a drug liability compensation claim to help award you with a sum that satisfactorily compensates you based on the degree of hardship and impediment you have suffered. We have a proven track record of providing a high-quality service to our clients and have helped win many cases relating to clinical negligence over the years and awarding victims with the compensation they deserve.

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