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Botox Injection Gone Wrong Compensation

    What are the Dangers of Botox Injections, And What Can I Do About It?

    Botox is a growing method of cosmetic treatment both in the UK and abroad. As such, the profession has boomed with professionals as well as with non-professionals. In many instances a person can receive Botox from a counselor or therapist with little to no experience. This can lead to catastrophic damages both physical and emotional.

    What are the Signs of Botox Injection Gone Wrong?

    There are several ways in which Botox can go wrong. As the process involves injection, there is a risk for infection at the site of the injection. This may be the result of negligence on the person administering he Botox. Do keep in mind that where there is an injection procedure, there is apt to be some redness and slight swelling for a short period. However, if the person experiences any of the following, he or she is strongly encouraged to seek medical attention. Such symptoms include:

    Extreme swelling, especially around the eyes and the throat. As the air passage may become strained, any swelling in the throat should immediately be treated.

    • Muscle Paralysis
    • Nervous twitches and muscle spasms may be an indicator that the procedure was done improperly
    • Problems with speech, sight, hearing, or other basic functions
    • Scarring
    • Discolouration of the skin
    • Burning sensations at the injection site

    It is advised that any discomfort or abnormality be diagnosed and treated by a licensed medical nurse, doctor, or practitioner.

    Am I Eligible to Make a Botox Injection Gone Wong Compensation Claim?

    If you received a Botox treatment under the presumptions of the councillor or therapist being a licensed professional only to find that they are not properly trained to give such treatments, you may have grounds for a malpractice claim and for compensation.

    Persons who have received treatment and are unsatisfied with the results, regardless of the physical damages which may or may not be present, may have grounds for a claim if negligence can be shown on the administrating party.

    Individuals who have sustained injury, scarring, or required additional medical attention due to the effects of a Botox treatment may have grounds for a claim.

    Any individual who has lost wages as a result of the inability to work due to poor Botox may have grounds for a claim if it can be shown that the standard procedures for conducing Botox were not followed resulting in the injury.

    If you or a loved one has suffered permanent sight, hearing, or vocal impairment as a result of swelling, infection, or other Botox related conditions, you definitively have a claim.

    Any party which has had any discomfort or believes that he or she is a victim of poor Botox is encouraged to seek out a proper diagnosis from a doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner. Should the party feel that negligence is to play in their discomfort, it is advised that you seek legal advice as to whether you have grounds for a claim or not.

    Do I Have Grounds for a Compensation Claim if I Signed a Liability Waiver?

    Even if you signed a liability waiver, you may have grounds for a claim if you can establish that the party administering the Botox was in gross negligence. Where it may be a bit more difficult in establishing a case, it is not impossible to have a successful claim, especially if the victim has documented proof supporting the claim that if standard and realistic precautions had been taken, the injury would have been avoided.

    When filing a claim after signing a waver, it is critical that the party establish a trend of negligence on the administer of the Botox. This would include showcasing any pending claims against the business, any records of injury from prior patients, and an investigation into their credentials (as a falsifying of their ability to administer Botox would definitively give you grounds for a claim).

    When Should I File My No-Win, No-Fee Compensation Claim?

    It is imperative that anyone seeking compensation for Botox injections gone wrong file as soon as possible. There is a time frame for which the claims can be filed. The longer which one waits to file, the less likely they are to receive compensation. And while there is no guarantee that you will win your case, filing your documents in a timely fashion with a legal adviser who understands the procedures of such cases maximises the odds of getting compensated.

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