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There are several reasons behind a person deciding to go for the procedure of vasectomy. Whether you are doing it for health concerns or to avoid unwanted pregnancy, the decision of having the medical procedure can be a challenging one for many. However, some people are faced with a greater challenge when, months after the vasectomy surgery, they find out that the surgery was a failure. The complications that can arise from the failure of the vasectomy procedure can have drastic changes in your life and health. If you have been misled by your surgeon into thinking that your vasectomy procedure was a success, you have the right to file a failed vasectomy surgery claim.

Can I Claim Compensation For A Failed Vasectomy?

The procedure of vasectomy is considered as one of the safest and most effective contraception methods available. Hence, it is acceptable to consider yourself sterile. However, if you do conceive a child even after having a vasectomy, it is important for you to get to the bottom of the matter and find out who is responsible for the negligence. This puts you in a position to make a filed vasectomy compensation claim and get the justice you deserve.

The failed vasectomy can be a result of mainly two types of negligence on the surgeon’s part. The surgeon could have either conducted the procedure incorrectly and would have failed to cut the vas deferens properly, or the doctor may have failed to provide you the correct post-operational treatment and information which is necessary. In order to find out whether you can legally claim for a failed vasectomy procedure, our solicitors will ask you multiple questions regarding your treatment.

How To Tell The Symptoms & How To Get Diagnosed?

The most simple and obvious way of determining that the vasectomy procedure was a failure is if there is presence of sperm in your semen even months after the procedure. This means that you are fertile and if you had intercourse without protection, you could get your partner pregnant. The symptoms of a failed vasectomy procedure include the presence of white fluid in your semen (sperm cells).

In order to get diagnosed and find out whether the vasectomy procedure was a failure, you must wait a few months after the procedure to ensure that the sperm cells are out completely. You could visit any fertility centre in your local region and find out whether you are fertile or not. If the test confirms that you are fertile even months after the procedure, it indicates a failed vasectomy. Our lawyers can use your medical reports to make your case against your surgeon even stronger.

Are You A No Win, No Fee Failed Vasectomy Compensation Claim Solicitor?

As soon as you book a consultation with our experienced solicitors, we will ask you questions about the procedure, the diagnosis and the problems you have faced. We will help you realise whether you have a strong case and all these services will be free of cost to you if you do not win the case. We understand that you have spent a good amount of money and gone through a lot of pain only to end up with a failed medical procedure, so we provide you legal services free of cost if you do not win the case.

Where Can I Find Out More Information About Failed Vasectomy?

If you suspect that even months after your vasectomy surgery that you may be fertile, you can always consult a fertility expert for more information. The medical professional will ask the details, take a sample of your semen and verify it to determine whether you are sterile or not. Moreover, several online medical websites and vasectomy forums can help you know more about vasectomy failure. Once you are certain that you have suffered from a failed vasectomy procedure, reach out to our solicitors and get a free legal consultation.

How To Make A Failed Vasectomy Compensation Claim?

The failed vasectomy compensation claim will fall under the medical negligence and can be filed by yourself or with the help of a legal solicitor firm. It is preferable to select an experienced legal firm to handle your case as it includes several formalities which can be confusing. Moreover, solicitors are experienced and trained in handling these types of cases every day, so you have nothing to worry about any more.

How Long Until I Can Claim Compensation For A Failed Vasectomy?

Your surgeon must have informed you that the sperm cells can be alive even after a couple of months of the vasectomy. After a few months, you could have a fertility test and diagnose the failed procedure. As soon as the medical procedures confirm that you are fertile, you can file a failed vasectomy claim.

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