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Mastectomy Surgery Compensation Claims

What Is Mastectomy Surgery?

It is estimated that approximately 41,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year. The solution to removing the cancerous cells involves cutting into the breast tissue and removing the tumor. Some breast cancers cases however call for the entire breast or even both breasts to be removed. The procedure is known as a mastectomy and unfortunately many women have been subjected to mastectomy surgery negligence where the breast or breasts were removed when other options could have prevented the surgery in the first place.

What Are the Implications of Mastectomy Surgery Negligence?

The news that you have breast cancer is devastating. The thought that there are harmful cancer cells within your body is hard enough to take in, but couple that with the fact that those cells are encased in the one aspect that is such a life-giving source is quite another. People take great pride in their bodies and the perfect woman is supposed to have a perfect set of breasts according to society. Breast cancer surgery to remove a simple lump can leave the body slightly disfigured, but when the entire breast or both breasts are removed, it can leave the woman feeling less like a woman and bring about self-esteem issues that can follow the woman throughout her life.

Many cases of breast cancer can now be treated with radiation therapy and cancer tissue removal. A mastectomy is usually in order for cancer that is extremely advanced or has infected the entirety of the breast tissue. Some doctors will opt to do a mastectomy to remove all of the breast tissue to ensure that a recurrence of the cancer cannot happen. Where this may be a good idea for those that have advanced cancer and highly infected breast tissue, it does not bode well for those that may not have such advanced forms of cancer or the majority of their breast tissue is unharmed.

Why Is Mastectomy Essential?

Where it can be devastating to have a piece of your body removed that should have been left, it can be more devastating to need to have a mastectomy performed and the doctor choose to leave the breast intact and therefore subjecting the woman to multiple radiation treatments in hopes that they kill all the active cancer cells. Radiation treatment is a tool for the doctors to use for cancer treatment, but in the case of some mastectomy candidates, it is ill used in hopes that the breast will not have to be removed. A good physician will always take the time to understand the individual needs of the patient and how each form of treatment can either negatively or positively impact the person’s overall quality of life.

What are the Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

It is recommended that women get a regular breast exam at least once per year with self-examinations performed between visits. Self-examinations are performed by holding your hand above your head and feeling for any lumps in the breast tissue. When a lump is found a visit to your doctor and tests can determine if the lump is merely fatty tissue or cancerous. There are also many other symptoms to be aware of if a lump is not evident.

  • Changes in Skin – An infected breast can appear to be red, swollen, or have a visible difference in both breasts. The overall shape of the breast can be effected as well.
  • Thick Tissue – A noticeable change in the thickness of the breast tissue can sometimes indicate cancer. If a lump is evident, monitor the thickness of the lump and contact your doctor if you notice a thickening of the tissue.
  • Color Change – Any change in breast color should be immediately followed up with a doctor visit.
  • Itchy Breasts
  • Peeling or Flaking of Nipple Area
  • Discharge – Breast milk is the only substance that should ever be excreted from the breast. If you are not currently breast feeding or notice that your breast milk is quite thick, you need to call your doctor directly.
  • Tender Breasts – Breasts are not supposed to hurt apart from the normal hormonal effects on them. If your breasts are tender to the touch or feel swollen at times, a trip to your doctor may be in order.

Do I Have Grounds to Make a Compensation Claim?

If you have been treated by a doctor for breast cancer and feel as though you have been the victim of mastectomy surgery negligence, time is of the essence. Time to file a claim is limited and therefore the quicker you can file your claim the more likely you are to win your case. Mastectomy surgery negligence is on the rise and there is no reason for you to fall victim to a doctor that does not value you as a person.

No woman should ever be subjected to a surgery to remove their breasts when the surgery is not necessary and no woman should ever be passed over for the surgery simply because the doctor uses other means and neglects to kill all cancer cells.

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