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Nose Surgery Compensation Claims

What Should I Do When Nose Surgery Surgery Goes Wrong?

The BBC reported that there were 50,122 cosmetic procedures are performed in 2013. This number has increased yearly, with a 17% increase in Nose Jobs from prior years. Consequently, the number of compensation claims resulting from poor surgeries has risen as well. It has, therefore, become needed for those seeking compensation for negligence in nose surgery to hire a compensation claims expert as well as to understand the symptoms and scenarios which could merit a nose surgery claim.

But I signed a non-liability waiver. While a non-liability waiver may slow down the process a little, you can still file a claim if the doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner was in gross negligence. Also, the legal jargon and wordage may be written in such a way to allow you to file certain claims. It is best that you seek legal counsel if you believe that you have a claim. Just because you signed a document does not mean that you have no grounds for a claim.

What are the Symptoms of Nose Surgery Negligence?

Nose surgery negligence is not necessarily due to cosmetic plastic surgery. Those which have had surgery on the nose and experience any of these symptoms may be able to file a claim. Symptoms include:

  • Trouble Breathing through the nose
  • Swelling of the nasal passages
  • Discoloration of the nose
  • Visible Shifting of the nose cartilage
  • Bruising on or around the nose
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • The inability to smell
  • No sensation to the nasal tissue
  • Migraines

These are but a few of the symptoms which could result from poor nose surgery. Should you have any discomfort or have any inquiries regarding your nose surgery please seek the diagnosis of a doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner. Should you feel that your injuries are a result of a particular medical professional, seek out another licensed professional in the field.

Should I File a Claim for Nose Surgery Negligence?

Those which have undergone a nasal surgery procedure and have found out later that the plastics and/or synthetics used in the sculpting of the nose have been recalled have grounds for a claim, especially if the recall resulted in the need for a secondary or third procedure.

Patients who have suffered injury to his or her nose and were not treated for the injury properly, resulting in further damage to the nasal passages, canal, or aesthetics of the face may have grounds for a claim if it can be shown that another doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner would be able to make such a diagnosis based upon the symptoms.

Those who have undergone cosmetic nose surgery and are dissatisfied with the results of the surgery may have grounds for a claim if the results are far different from the promised work which was to be done. Those who have signed non-liability waivers may still have grounds for a claim if they can show gross negligence.

Any person who has had to have their nose removed due to the negligence of a surgeon, whether that surgeon was for medical or cosmetic purposes, definitively have grounds for a claim. Those which have lost their nose may be entitled to work compensation, emotional distress from ostracizing, and medical compensation.

Those who have had to undergo additional medical procedures due to infection from a nose surgery may be entitled to a claim so long as the person has followed the treatment plan prescribed by the nurse, doctor, or medical professional. Anyone who has suffered vision impairment as a secondary injury to swelling, bleeding or nerve damage around the nose surgery may have grounds for a claim, especially if such swelling is abnormal for such a procedure.

Nose surgeries which have affected a person’s sense of smell and/or the ability to breathe through the nasal passages may have grounds for a claim, especially if the procedure can be shown to have a low risk of such occurring.

When Should I Start My Claim for No-Win, No-Fee Nose Surgery Compensation?

Nose compensation claims must be filed in a timely manner with the appropriate departments. There is an allotted amount of time in which you can file, and those who delay are far less apt to receive the compensation that they deserve. Compensation is generally based on the gravity of the injury, the duration of the injury, the probability of the injury, and the level of the gross negligence. Each case is different and so a professional compensation claims person should be contacted. The claims expert will be able to evaluate the specifics of your case, provide you with the best option to get the compensation you deserve and file all the paperwork for the claim to the proper departments within the proper amount of time.

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