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Cervical Stenosis Compensation Claims

    What is Cervical Stenosis?

    Cervical Stenosis is a condition which is commonly diagnosed in injury patients. Unlike the name suggest, cervical stenosis is not found in the Cervix, but in the entire spine. In cervical stenosis the entire neck and spine have been injured due to compression on the spinal cord. The compression is a result of the narrowing of the spinal discs around the spinal cord. The condition is quite serious and can lead to paralysis if left untreated.

    What Are the Symptoms of Cervical Stenosis?

    Individuals suffering from Cervical Stenosis typically have a few common symptoms. There are several different factors which determine whether a back condition is cervical stenosis or not. You are advised to see a licensed chiropractor, medical staff, doctor or practitioner to diagnose the extent of your back injury, especially if you are experiencing:

    • Claudication – Pain in the legs when you walk. Where this is typically caused by poor circulation to the legs, it can be caused by Cervical Spinal Stenosis.
    • Tingling in the back or buttocks – Similar to the sensation that one gets when an appendage is waking up after “falling asleep”, the tingling in the back and the buttocks is to an uncomfortable level. Generally, this tingling will be heightened during or directly after any activities.
    • iExtreme pain along the back – Because the spine is compressed, those with Cervical Stenosis (upper back/neck condition) may experience extreme plain that radiates from the spinal cord to other areas of the body. For example: You may be experiencing sever shoulder pain caused by the compression on the nerves in the spinal cord due to cervical stenosis.
    • Inability to walk or restrictions in walking – When we walk, pressure is placed upon the spine. If the spine is already compressed, further pressure on the spine may make it very difficult if not impossible to walk.
    • Balance Problems
    • An inability to use hands properly

    Should I File a Cervical Stenosis Compensation Claim?

    Before you consider filing a cervical stenosis claim, you will need to have a proper diagnosis from a chiropractor, doctor, medical staff, or practitioner. After being diagnosed with the condition you should consider whether or not you should file a compensation claim.

    If you have been diagnosed with cervical stenosis due to weight placed upon the spine at work where safety practices and procedures were not in place, or if your work had safety equipment in place but the equipment failed to keep you from developing the condition, you may have a claim. Typically, these cases involve individuals who are required to lift heavy objects continuously. Where there may be back support harnesses available, if proper breaks were not given to ensure that the spine is not over stressed, if the harnesses available were not properly fitted to the worker, or if work conditions caused for a heightened probability of developing Cervical Stenosis, you may have a claim.

    Those suffering from cervical Stenosis which occurred after being misdiagnosed with a “lesser” back condition may have grounds for a claim. Specifically, those individuals which were diagnosed with a condition which would not affect further work or daily functions only to have the condition worsen.

    Veterans which have been injured while in service and have not received VA assistance and compensation for a diagnosed Cervical Stenosis condition have grounds for a claim .This is especially true if the Veteran was discharged from service due to the spinal condition and has been unable to work due to the condition.

    If you have had to undergo surgery for Cervical Stenosis and received no medical assistance from your place of employment (if the diagnosis showed that the cervical stenosis formed from working ) you may have a claim.

    What Should I Consider when Making a Cervical Stenosis Compensation Claim?

    Where Cervical Stenosis is a serious condition which has grounds for compensation, most individuals who are experiencing spinal pain can be treated rather quickly and effectively once diagnosed. It is always the best procedure to seek the professional advice of a medical staff, practitioner, licensed chiropractor, or doctor to understand the gravity of your condition.

    Compensation claims are based upon a timeline. The quicker you file the more apt you are to win your case. Considerations are also given to whether or not proper safety practices and procedures were carried out by the company and the person filing the claim. In cases where negligence is being presented victims must show that a person with reasonable sense could and should have spotted and fixed the negligence problem.

    Never try to advance a medical condition in hopes for a greater compensation. Your health and well-being are more important.

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