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Eyebrow Threading Injury Compensation Claims

    What is Eyebrow Threading?

    Beauty has become an inevitable virtue that tells a lot about our personality. Eyebrow threading adds beauty and detail to the eye area of the face. Eyebrow threading is a procedure that involves removing strands of hair from the eyebrow. While it may seem simple, it requires skill, dexterity and care by the practitioner. What you have thought to be a simple a procedure can turn into a nightmare that has far reaching consequences if not done right.

    What Types of Eyebrow Threading Can I Claim Compensation For?

    If eyebrow threading is not carried out by a competent and formally trained beautician, there are chances that things can go wrong. You can claim compensation for injuries that are directly related to the procedure. It must be ascertained that it injury was directly caused by the eyebrow threading. These are some of the injuries that are covered:

    • Allergic reactions caused by chemicals and other substances used during the procedure
    • Swelling, redness and bruising.
    • Cuts and abrasions to the eyebrow that are caused by lack of care or incompetent workmanship.
    • Infections that come about due to use of non-sterilised equipment

    Whatever the injury, it is always a painful experience. It can be distressing and embarrassing since the injury is exposed for everyone to see.

    How Much Compensation Could I Claim for Eyebrow Threading?

    The compensation for an eyebrow threading injury is dependent on the extent of the injury. The injury is assessed and the damages caused valued. The claim may range from hundreds to thousands of pounds. It is also dependent on the experience of the lawyer you hire to represent you.

    What are the Symptoms of Eyebrow Threading Gone Wrong?

    Open wound injuries are immediate and you will know about them when you are still in the beautician premises. Other injuries such as allergic reactions might occur days after you are done with the procedure. You may feel an inflammation or a rash on the eyebrow.
    After you see any signs of trouble, it is important to visit a physician to get diagnosed and treated.

    Is Tylers A No-Win, No-Fee Eyebrow Threading Injury Compensation Claims Solicitor?

    The first discussion with you about your eyebrow threading injury is free. If you decide that you are going to pursue the beauty claim, we will take you through all the details involved and the options you have. We are also able to offer you a ‘no win no fee’ agreement which means that in case you lose your beauty treatment claim, you won’t incur any legal costs.

    Where Can I Find More Information on Eyebrow Threading Injuries?

    You can always talk with us pertaining eyebrow threading injury claim as we have handled many similar cases successfully in the past. You can also use the internet to do research on cases that have been handled in the past. There are also forums that you can float a question and get help from other users.

    How to Make an Eyebrow Threading Injury Compensation Claim?

    You need to visit your GP so that you can receive the necessary medical attention and advice on how you can recover from the injury. The GP will also enter an accurate record of the injury in your medical records.

    Notify the beauty salon in-charge about the situation and enter your injury in the accident book and if it is possible, obtain the Salon’s professional indemnity insurer’s details.

    Take photos of the injury if it visible at that point in time. Take more photos of the injury as it progresses over time.

    Visit an independent beauty salon while the injury is still visible so that you can get their professional opinion and if it possible, they can write a report on the likely causes of the injury.

    Contact a Solicitor who deals with eyebrow threading compensation claim so that you can get a legal advice as well as the practical steps you should take so that you can be successful in your claim.

    How Long Until I Can Claim Compensation for an Eyebrow Threading Injury?

    If the injury happens within the beautician premises, pursue the claim immediately. If the injury takes time to manifest, get treatment and look for the root cause of the problem. If you certain the injury is related to eyebrow threading, launch a claim.

    If you get injured while undergoing eyebrow threading, follow the above steps and you launch a successful claim.

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