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Basketball Injury Compensation Claim

    Basketball Injury Claim Compensation Claims

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    There is no other sport quite as well-known throughout the world like basketball. It is usually among the first team sports children are introduced to and many people will play this sport throughout their lives, but it also comes with some risk of injury. Basketball injury claims are not uncommon due to the fact that the ball is being passed all over the court and the risk of a collision with another player is quite high. Here are some things you need to know if you are among the many that plan on making a basketball injury claim any time in the future.

    Common Basketball Injuries

    Basketball is a sport played both professionally as well as in backyards and street courts throughout the world. The popularity of the sport makes for quite shocking statistics about the injuries that can occur. Here are the most common injuries and the statistics surrounding them.

    Foot and Ankle – The part of the body that suffers the most abuse during a basketball is the feet and ankles. The most pressure is placed on this part of the body with the continual stopping and changing directions of the players. With approximately 42% of all basketball injury claims being linked to food and ankle injuries, the numbers are undeniable. A sprained, broken, or even shattered ankle is a very real and possible risk of anyone playing basketball. Sprains account for roughly 43% of all injuries.

    Hips and Thighs – The feet and ankles are not the only parts of the body subject to injury. The hips and thighs account for roughly 11% of injuries due to the rigorous effects of running up and down the court. The risk is even greater when you account for the number of injuries that happen from falling on this part of the body.

    Knees – Our knees are not meant to bend constantly and have that much pressure placed on them and knee injuries during a basketball game account for 9% of injuries. That number may be a little low in comparison to others, but a knee injury is one that is difficult for medical professionals to fix and can lead to permanent issues that the person has to contend with throughout their life.

    Trauma – One of the least thought of, but the second largest risk for injury on the basketball court is trauma. A fall can cause a head injury and the common fact that players can have a collision on the court can bring on head trauma.

    Reasons for Injury

    A basketball injury is a possibility when playing. The causes of an injury can be related to the player error, but it can also be the factor of negligence on the part of the venue. The effects of injuries can cause a number of different issues that can affect the ability of a person to live a productive and happy life. Here are just a few of the possible causes that can impact your basketball injury claim.

    Faulty Equipment – One of the largest liabilities held by a basketball venue is the upkeep of the equipment. From the basketballs themselves to the racks they sit on all the way to the goals have to be in top shape. Faulty equipment is not only difficult to play with but can be a severe hazard. Basketball goals that are not maintained have been known to cause trauma and many other injuries to players by falling on them during practice or an actual game.

    Other Players – Collisions are an inevitable factor while playing basketball, but when a player is unhappy with a particular play or something else within the game, they may lash out at other players. It is natural to be somewhat competitive, but when a player takes it upon themselves to inflict pain onto another player on purpose, that is when a claim is truly in order.

    Unkept Court – A basketball court is supposed to be a well-kept level playing area. They can be made of a variety of different materials such as wood, concrete, and even artificial turf materials, but no matter the material it should always be free of bumps and buckle on the court. Any venue that does not maintain the court properly is at risk of a claim being filed against them.

    Do I Have a Claim?

    The time to file a claim is as soon as the injury occurs. The limits on basketball injury claims maintain that you only have 3 years in which to file a claim. After that time period, it can be impossible to receive compensation for your injuries. If you have been injured and believe that it was caused by the negligence of the venue, a player, or even a coach, call an attorney today. You do not need to have your life impacted by an injury that was not your fault. File your claim today and get the compensation you deserve.

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