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Hockey Injury Compensation Claims
The sport of hockey is one of excitement and vigor. It takes skill and determination to dominate in this sport, but with all the skill in the world, players can still be subject to an amazing number of injuries that can come with the game. If you are among the many that have been the victim of a hockey injury, there is no time to waste when filing your claim. Here are just a few of the possible injuries for players and spectators alike.

Common Hockey Injuries

Strains and Sprains – One of the most common injuries in Hockey is straining and spraining of muscle groups. This is most often found in the lower extremities such as the legs, feet, and ankles. Due to the strenuous activities of the average hockey game, the stress on the legs can cause muscles to become over-exerted causing the player to have to take a rest or even be so severe that it causes the player to be taken out of the game permanently.

Lacerations – The skates of a player are designed to cut through the ice and allow that player to move swiftly toward the goal. However, the blades on the bottom of the skates can and will cut much more than the ice. They have been known to slice through skin and even cut fingers off of players. Protective gear is used to prevent such a thing from happening, but it is always a possibility.

Head Trauma – The ice is hard and the players are all around. The possibility of head trauma is always there. Falls and fights within the game can cause helmets to come off leading to head trauma. Flying pucks and equipment are an equal danger.

Muscle Cramps – One of the first things a player learns about playing hockey or any sport for that matter is the need for stretching out the muscles before beginning play. A good warm up will enable the body to get ready for the game, but a muscle cramp can cause a player to lose their balance and fall. That fall in itself can be traumatic. Other injuries can happen due to the fallen player being hit by other players on the ice.

Back Injuries – Hockey is a tough sport and those that play the sport are at risk for injuries that can last their entire lives. Players can be knocked down and even flipped while on the ice. Such unnatural movements can cause back and spinal injuries. This part of the body can be difficult to perform surgery on and can lead to the individual being unable to play for the remainder of their life.

Causes of Injuries

Retaliation – Fights occur at almost every hockey game. These fights are not always so severe and are usually stopped by a trip to the penalty box, but injuries can happen from these fights. The more severe injuries often occur when more than one player attacks another in attempts to gang up and hurt that one individual. Trauma from these fights is rare due to a number of padding players wear, but it is a possibility.

Lack of Maintenance – Hockey is a sport played on ice and therefore many issues can arise. The maintenance of the rink is and always should be the priority of the venue, however, some venues neglect to properly care for the ice leading to splits and bumps in the ice that can and will lead to an accident.

Poor Equipment – The equipment that a player wears is designed to give them the maximum protection from the other players as well as the pucks, sticks, and skates while on the ice. Proper equipment must be properly maintained and free of any rips and tears. Breeches in the equipment can lead to an injury.

Lack of Protection – A hockey venue, not only has to provide a safe ice rink for the players, they also have to provide a safe place for spectators to watch from. That means that the wall around the rink should be free of any cracks. A cracked wall can quickly become a hazard and cause either a puck, stick, skate, or even a player to come through and injury spectators.

Do I have Grounds for a Claim?

If you have suffered from any negligence on the part of another player or the venue itself, you may be entitled to compensation. There is no reason for you to have to suffer from someone else’s negligence and miss out on compensation. Time is however of the essence as a hockey injury claim must be filed within 3 years of the accident. Talk to an attorney today and ask about possible compensation. An injury can happen, but when it is not your fault, but the fault of another person or venue, they need to pay. File the claim as soon as possible and get the compensation you deserve.

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