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Racing Bike Injury Compensation Claims
Racing is an invigorating experience for both spectators as well as the one racing. The fast-paced world of racing is most commonly associated with racing cars, but bikes are becoming more of a racing medium. Bike racing may be fun, but it can also be dangerous. Racing bike injury claims are on the rise and there is no time to waste if you are among the many affected by a racing bike injury.

What Are the Most Common Racing Bike Injuries?

The possible injuries related to bike racing are numerous and not only can affect the person on the bike racing, but also the spectators watching the event. There is no time to waste when filing a claim as these injuries can cause permanent effects to the individual and affecting their life forever.

Can I Claim For Leg Injuries?

The driving force behind any bike racer is their legs. They are the power behind the bike and therefore are often the first parts of the body injured. An over excretion of the legs can cause physical pain to the individual. There is also the risk of an accident in which the legs can broken or permanently injured. This often requires surgery and in extreme cases, amputation which will surely hinder any future bike racing endeavors.

Is it Possible to Claim for Head and Neck Injuries?

Bike racers make a habit of wearing equipment to keep their heads from being injured in the event of a crash, but sometimes that helmet that is supposed to protect the individual falls off or becomes damaged itself making the equipment of little use. Head injuries are quite common in racing bike injury claims as is neck injuries. Where the head is primarily protected, the neck is not. There are little safeguards in place to protect the neck and a direct hit to the head can cause the neck to bend and break causing permanent irreparable damage.

Can I Claim for Spinal Cord Injuries?

The spinal column is the most important area of the body and any injury to that area can cause permanent damage. Just as the neck is not very well protected during a race, the spinal column is largely exposed as well. Injuries from an accident can cause compression to the spinal column leading to the need for surgery or a complete paralysis depending on the severity of the injury.

Could I Claim for an Injury as a Spectator at a Racing Event?

It is not as common as the bike racer’s injuries, but spectators are subject to injury as well. When a bike accident happens, the bikers can be thrown into the crowd. The bike and the biker act as a bullet knocking down and injuring anything in its path. Spectators can suffer from broken bones, cuts, bruises, and even sometimes death depending on how severe the crash and injuries are.

What are the Causes of Injuries I Could Claim Compensation For?

Can I Claim After Suffering an Injury Due to Unkept Surfaces?

Bike racing can take place on any number of different surfaces. Street bike racing takes place directly on the road ways and that can mean that older roads can cause injuries from potholes and general lack of maintenance. Another surface common to bike racers is that of dirt. Dirt tracks are often associated with the riskier forms of racing in which obstacles are put in place for the biker to overtake. The track is kept smooth in the beginning of the race, but potholes can emerge from the rigors of the race itself causing possible accidents.

Can I Make a Claim for Being Run Over?

Accidents can happen and even an accident in which the person riding the bike falls off does not mean that they will sustain injuries. However, when an accident does occur, most injuries occur when the other participants neglect to see the injured party in the way and accidentally run over the individual. This often causes a pile up in which many of the bikers can become injured.

Is it Possible to Claim for Injuries Sustained Due to Inorganisation?

A bike race tends to be relatively well-organized. This is due to the fact that the racers must have room in order to start and continue to race. An organized race is one that places the participants at the correct distance from one another so that all will be safe during the start of the race. An unorganized race tends to neglect this seemingly small detail causing confusion and disorder among the racers. That can lead to an accident before the race is well-underway.

Am I Eligible to Make a Claim for Compensation?

Claiming a bike race injury is nothing to wait around about. Injuries sustained while either racing within a race or watching a race have a strict statute of limitations in which a claim must be made within 3 years of the injury. Depending on the nature of the accident and the liability of the organizers you may have a claim. An attorney will be able to help you determine the validity of your claim and get you the compensation you deserve. Do not delay call an attorney today before time runs out to make your claim.

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