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Tennis Injury Compensation Claims

What Counts as a Tennis Injury?

Tennis is a sport that takes an extreme amount of agility and skill to perfect. The popularity of tennis has increased in recent years due to the many professional tennis players that are continuing to make headlines across the world. As the popularity of the sport increases however, it is an unfortunate fact that the number of injuries from the sport increases as well. If you are among the many tennis players working the court and happen to become injured during the process, there may be compensation available for your injury.

Are There Different Kinds of Tennis Injuries?

When thinking of tennis injuries, the first thing that often comes to mind is tennis elbow. This may be the injury associated most often with the sport, but this type of injury, although possible, is among the least probable injuries sustained while engaging in the sport. The statistics show that there are approximately 5 injuries reported for every 1000 hours of playing time on the courts. Out of that, there are only about 33 injuries out of every 100,000 players that require hospitalization. There are a variety of different ways to get injured on the tennis court.

  • The Court – A tennis court is supposed to be played on a level piece of land that is comprised of a material that is able to maximize the agility of the player. Such materials are clay, hard court surfaces, grass, or even artificial grass turf. Any neglect of the court that causes cracks, bumps, or holes to form can be hazardous to the player.
  • Another Player – Tennis players are quite careful about keeping control of where the ball goes, but sometimes that control is not able to be found. Injuries to the face are most common in this instance and can result in a broken nose, jaw, or any other bone in the face becoming broken. The speed behind the ball during a tennis match is quite intense and even though the ball may be quite soft in texture, that speed can turn that ball into a bullet.
  • Lower Extremities – As stated previously, it takes a lot of speed and agility to play tennis and that movement can cause injury to the lower extremities of the body. The hard stops, pivots, and sprinting that a player is required to do can push the lower part of the body to their breaking point and beyond. Breaks and sprains are quite common in tennis players whether professional or just amateur.
  • Arms and Muscles – The tennis racket is supposed to be an extension of the players hand and therefore professional players seek the help of experts to determine the best fit racket for their particular style of playing. They take into account the player’s weight, age, body type, and muscle definition to find the exact racket that will balance well with the body. An unbalanced racket can cause a player to fall during play injuring their knees, hips, ankles, and any other parts of the body that twist or come in contact with the playing surface.

Who Is Liable for My Tennis Injury?

  • Playing at a Club – If you frequent tennis clubs, you likely pay a fee for being a member. The membership fees are intended to be for the general running and maintenance of the club. That includes maintaining the tennis courts to reduce the risk of injury. Any court that has been neglected and the repairs have not been accomplished is a risky area to play tennis. Should you become injured on a neglected court or be injured in any way that is not of your own fault, the club is liable.
  • Parks – Many city parks have tennis courts for public use and they have rules posted regarding play within the court. If you have followed all of the rules, yet still suffer an injury, it is the liability of the park and their insurance to pay for any medical and rehabilitation expenses that are directly linked to the injury.
  • Individual Court – The success of tennis has led to many individuals having tennis courts installed on their property. Property insurance is meant to cover these courts and any injury incurred while playing on them. Just like with the clubs and parks, however the court should always be maintained to avoid any injury to the players.

Am I Eligible to Claim for a Tennis Injury That Wasn’t My Fault?

As the sport of tennis becomes more and more popular, so does the risk of injury. If you are among the many that have suffered from the neglect of a court, equipment failure, or just injured by another player, there is no time to delay. There may be a statute of limitations regarding tennis injury and therefore make your claim as soon as possible. An attorney will be able to assist you in making a claim and getting you the compensation you deserve, so do not waste another moment and get your claim started right now.

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