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Underinsured Motorist Compensation Claims

    What is An Underinsured Driver?

    You would be surprised about how many of insured motorists are on the roads? The law insists that motor vehicle owners carry insurance coverage so they can register and drive their vehicles. However, many people break the law and don’t have the insurance they should. It has been known that people buy insurance coverage and cancel it almost immediately after and in some cases, people stop paying for their insurance.

    Why are Underinsured Drivers Allowed on the Roads?

    The law only requires a certain amount of insurance coverage on motor vehicles, and for example, if an accident occurred where the negligent driver only had the minimum amount of insurance, this is very unlikely to cover all the compensation towards the victim such as their injuries suffered, medical expenses and time they have to take off work.

    How Will Tylers Solicitors Attempt to Get the Compensation We’re Entitled?

    When possible, our experienced solicitors will attempt to get the compensation you deserve from the negligent driver. If you are involved in an accident with an underinsured driver, and they cannot cover all the costs incurred, then we are likely to turn to your insurance to cover the expenses. As long as you are insured correctly, and your coverage with your insurance company allows you to receive compensation from situations like these, then it is highly likely that you will get the compensation for all matters you are claiming against.

    Why Choose Tylers Solicitors for Underinsured Driver Compensation Claims?

    Call Tylers today on (freephone): 0800 699 0079 to see if you can make a claim today. Remember we work on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ arrangement and are always available to answer any of your questions. When you speak to Tylers, you will quickly see how smooth our claims process is. Most importantly, we will ensure your health and any injuries you have endured are dealt with accordingly as a priority, so you are one step in the right direction to health and happiness while putting your mind at ease by getting the compensation you deserve.

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