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How Successful Are Whiplash Claims?

    Is It Ever Worth The Time or Hassle to File a Whiplash Compensation Claim?

    In a recent report from the Association of British Insurers, it was estimated that more than 1,500 whiplash claims are filed within the UK every day resulting in more than £2 billion in pay-outs a year. The result of the high volume of claims has resulted in a tightening down on claims to sift out suspicious and fraudulent filing. This of course has made legitimate claims a bit harder to secure a positive end, but it is not to say that legitimate claims should not be filed; Quite to the contrary. Drivers and passengers who are victims of whiplash and have the proper validation for their claim are encouraged to file. As insurance companies prefer to have solidified cases over cases which are in the “grey area” , filing your claim may secure compensation if done properly.

    How Can I Help to Validify My Claim?

    The very first step in increasing your chances of a successful whiplash claim is to have documentation which establishes that an accident did occur and that you are not at fault for the injury. Generally, when an accident occurs there will be a police report or an incident report which is available to all the parties involved. When filing a whiplash claim with an insurance carrier, the first thing which will be under review is who is to blame for the injuries sustained by the accident. Should you have definitive evidence showing how the other driver did not take due diligence in securing the safety of other drivers and passengers, then the probability that your claim will be successful is greater.

    Successful Compensation Claims Can Help to Validate Whiplash Injuries?

    Apart from having documentation validifying the accident, the person filing the claim must be able to show that they have indeed sustained a whiplash injury. The best way for a person to do so is to have a doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner diagnose and treat the whiplash prior to filing the claim. When reviewing a claim the insurance company will look to see if the filing party shows the symptoms of whiplash. These symptoms include:

    • Neck Stiffness
    • Swelling
    • Documented fractures

    While there are other symptoms which can be noted in a medical document of diagnosis such as headaches, pains in the arms, loss of rotation in the neck, etc., the insurance company will be primarily concerned with injuries which need treatment outside of the most common treatment for whiplash, rest. Be advised, it is illegal to intensify or fake the extent of whiplash injuries when filing a claim. Therefore, it is critical that documentation of your injuries accompany any claims for injury, treatment, and compensation for loss of wages.

    If you are currently under treatment for whiplash, it is strongly recommended that you do not abandon treatment or your doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner’s advice during your claim. Keep a record of all financial losses because of the treatment to use with your case. However, even if you do not win the claim, your health and well-being are the priority. Do not risk critical damage by not following medical advisement and treatment.

    How Realistic Is Your Claim For Whiplash Compensation?

    Perhaps one of the most common reasons why a claim is denied is due to the unrealistic expectations of compensation from the person filing the claim. While a victim does need compensation for injuries sustained and for the treatment of such injuries, when greed gets in the mix, the requested compensation tends to go beyond the scope of what is “fair” and what is “fraudulent”. And while you may have legitimate claims to your compensation, if you go beyond what is realistic compensation in your claim, then the insurance company may view your claim to be suspicious, thus reducing your chances of receiving the compensation requested.

    Are Whiplash Claims More Successful With No-Win, No-Fee Personal Injury Solicitors?

    Due to the timing restrictions, the documentation, and understanding the compensations which are typical for specific cases, it is strongly advised that those seeking compensation for a whiplash accident use a professional to file the claim. A claims professional should be able to address any questions which you may have regarding whiplash cases and expound upon your options when filing a claim. Keep in mind that the quicker you file your claim, the more apt you are to receive compensation.

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