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    Tibia and Fibula Injury Compensation Claim Information

    Proportionately, your legs make up about half the length of your body and around 12 to 18% of your body weight. This is one of the reasons why trainers emphasis on conducting training and toning of the leg muscles. The mentality is “where the legs lead the body will follow”. And while this thought is true to building up the body, it is equally true when the legs are not functioning properly. When the legs are injured, the whole body suffers.

    How do tibia and fibula accident claims happen?

    The fibula and the tibia are in the lower section of the leg, below the kneecap. These two bones connect the foot to the upper thigh. Out of the two, the tibia is the thick and larger bone with the fibula being a thinner offset bone. Typically, injuries which occur to these bones are hairline fractures and complex fractures. However, the bone can also suffer impact injuries resulting in the bone becoming dented, from misalignment of surgical procedures resulting in a bowed bone, or weakened bone tissue due to mistreatment and/or misdiagnosis of bone-related illnesses.

    Can I make a tibia and fibula injury accident claim?

    If you want to start a claim for a tibia and fibula injury then you should discuss your case with a lawyer specialising in tibia and fibula injury claims such as Tylers Solicitors. This will ensure that your claim has the best chance of success because we have the competence and professional expertise required to process a claim for a tibia and fibula injury gone wrong.

    How do I make a tibia and fibula compensation claim?

    If you want to proceed with your tibia and fibula injury gone wrong accident injury compensation claim then you should call Tylers Solicitors freephone on 0800 699 0079 and we can then proceed to talk you through your tibia and fibula injury compensation claim. Alternatively, if you are on your mobile phone, you can call 0333 577 0320, which is free to call with free minutes on your mobile phone.

    What accident claims can tibia and fibula injury cover?

    If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer any kind of physical injury, our team are here for you. Our no-win, no-fee legal experts can help you to make any kind of claim for personal injury compensation. Whatever kind of tibia or fibula injuries you have sustained, we are here for you.

    Thanks to our many years of experience, we can work to get you the compensation you need to move on with your life. Whether you were put under constant strain on your tibia or you have suffered a sports injury,you could be eligible to claim compensation.

    Tibia and Fibula Accident Compensation Amounts

    If you’ve suffered moderate to serious tibula or fibula fractures and want to know the average amount of compensation you can claim, use our quick compensation calculator below to calculate the average compensation you will receive.

    Minor Tibia and Fibula Injuries
    If you have suffered from simple fractures to tibia or fibula in relation to soft tissue injuries, then you may be entitled to a compensation claim.
    £9,440 to £10,380
    Moderate Tibia and Fibula Injuries
    This category is related to injuries that have resulted in fractures that are an incomplete recovery or there are serious soft tissue injuries.
    £22,130 to £24,340
    Serious Tibia and Fibula Injuries
    This category includes complicated or multiple fractures or severe crushing injuries. As a result of this, you have limited joint movements and instability in the knee. We can help you get the claim you deserve.
    £31,250 to £34,370
    Severe Tibia and Fibula Injuries
    This category involves serious compound or comminuted fractures or injuries to joints or ligaments resulting in instability. Get in touch with us today.
    £43,710 to £48,080

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Important Is My Medical Documentation?

    Any injuries sustained to the lower leg should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner immediately. For claims involving negligence, especially for cases where a surgery or a treatment of the leg has been performed in negligence, documentation as to the extent of the injury is vital. When considering your case, the medical evidence will establish the validity of your claims. Additionally, the documentation of the medical diagnosis and treatment will establish the time-frame for which medical attention was sought after the injury occurred.

    No win, no fee tibia and fibula accident claims solicitors.

    Tylers Solicitors are no win, no fee accident claims solicitors, which means if you lose your case against tibia and fibula injuries,then you do not pay us a fee.

    Why choose Tylers Solicitors to start your compensation claim?

    Tylers Solicitors will always strive to get you the maximum compensation amount possible for the injuries you have suffered, along with any loss of earnings and medical costs incurred.

    If you have suffered a tibia and fibula injury as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault then you may be able to make a claim. Call Tylers today on (freephone): 0800 699 0079 to see if you can make a claim today.

    What Other Documents Might I Need to Claim for Tibia and Fibula Injuries?

    Because the majority of injuries to a fibula and tibia are outside of the home, documentation such as a police report or an incident report should be available via public record. In events where the incident occurred on government or university property such filings with the location in which it occurred should also be present. Individuals filing a compensation claim should obtain any documentation available as well as any recorded testimony from witnesses of the event.

    Need more information? Don’t worry, Lee Kirton or one of our other professional claims solicitors will advise you along the way

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