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    Hair dyes are products which are used by a growing number of the population globally. It has been estimated that the hair dye industry makes around 7 billion dollars a year.[1] Out of the sale of hair dyes a great majority are for over the counter/retail purchased dyes. Where there are a great number of salons that offer hair dying services, most of the consumers are women (though the men’s market has tripled in recent years) who do not want the public to know they have any grey hairs. As the market has increased so has the amount of individuals which have seen severe negative effects from using hair dyes.

    What are the Symptoms of Hair Dye Allergies?

    There are a great many ways in which an allergen can affect your body. Typically, you will experience the same symptoms which you would expect from any allergen these are:

    • Irritation to the skin
    • Rash or Swelling of the skin where the dye was applied
    • Pain or burning of the skin
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Headache
    • Blurred vision

    In cases where the allergic reaction is more severe, a person may experience anaphylactic shock, hair loss, bleeding of the follicles of the scalp, and in extremely rare cases death. If you’ve suffered a severe reaction to hair dye products though you’ve followed said procedures; you may be entitled to a compensation claim.

    What is the General Cause of Hair Dye Allergies?

    Hair dye allergies are typically a result of the chemicals found within most of the dyes. Where the industry uses a blanket disclaimer telling a consumer to “try a patch of the dye on the skin or scalp prior to full application”, it has been proven that this methodology is unscientific and does not necessarily provide any adequate data in which to determine whether or not you will have an allergic reaction to the product or not.

    Most cases of hair allergies occur due to Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), Hydrogen Peroxide, or ammonia. These are the most prominent ingredients in binding the dye to the hair. However, an individual may experience irritation from the actual dying elements. Allergies may be immediate or may be caused from long term use. Realistically, the prolonged use of ammonia on the skin is never healthy and can often cause adverse and unhealthy results.

    Should I File a Hair Dye Allergy Compensation Claim?

    Hair dye claims need to show that you used the product according to the instructions given and that even though you followed the procedures given, you suffered harm from using the product. The best way to show that you have suffered from using a hair dye product is to seek medical attention from a doctor, medical staff, nurse, or practitioner. Ensure that you receive documentation stating that the hair dye is the cause of your current condition. If possible take pictures of the injury for your claim.

    If you followed the practices on the box (including using a portion of your skin for a testing area) and then had a severe allergic reaction to the hair dye product, you may have grounds for compensation against the manufacturer or distributor of the product.

    If you have had to seek immediate treatment after having hair dye applied (either by yourself or from a salon) you may have grounds for a claim, especially if the hair dye was applied by a salon and you were not advised as to the possible side effects of using such dye.

    Any individual which has use a particular brand of hair dye for prolonged periods of time without any effects and have suffered an allergic reaction from the current use of the product may have grounds for compensation if the product can be shown to be defective or if the product has introduced new chemical elements into the product which were not disclosed on the packaging.

    What Do I Need to Consider When Making Hair Dye Allergy Compensation Claims?

    Negligence claims and compensation claims are highly dependent upon the timeframe in which the injury/injustice was done and the time in which you filed the claim. Compensation is dependent also upon the severity of the injury sustained. In no way are you encouraged to continue use of the product which has caused the allergy. You should cease use of the product, keep the packaging, and seek medical attention for any allergic reaction you may have experienced.

    Never try to enhance your injuries in hopes of greater compensation.

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