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Bodily Injury Claims

Bodily Injury Claims

If you’ve suffered any kind of bodily injury that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to claim! Here at Tylers Solicitors, we can work with you to earn the compensation you need following your bodily injury. Bodily injuries include any kind of physical injury to your body. Whatever kind of physical injury you’ve suffered, get in touch with Tylers to begin your bodily injury compensation claims!

Here at Tylers Solicitors, we can help you to get the compensation you need to move on with your life. While some bodily injuries can be minor, others can be extremely serious. Whatever kind of bodily injury you’ve suffered that wasn’t your fault, get in touch with Tylers’ experienced team today!

How Much Could I Receive for Bodily Injury Claims?

One of the most difficult aspects of any compensation claim is to place a value on the amount of money you shall receive. Of course, different solicitors will give you different estimations, simply because they go off the amounts they have won for their clients. This is the same for Tylers Solicitors; we can only give you an estimate of what you will receive for a bodily injury claim. The amount of compensation you will actually receive also depends on the seriousness of the injury. For instance, a broken bone is more likely to fetch more compensation than say a deep cut or heavy bruising.

    Types of injuries

    How Serious Can Bodily Injury Be?

    Bodily injury can range from minor injuries to severe injury and no two cases are ever the same, which is why it is tougher to place a valuation on the amount of compensation an injured person can receive. Not only do we have to assess which part of the body was injured, we also have to take into consideration how you received that injury and whether you were at fault or not. All of this has to be considered if you are planning on making a compensation claim for bodily injury.

    What Should I Do to Push Through My Bodily Injury Compensation Claim?

    The first thing to do after your accident would be to contact your doctor and get a diagnosis of your injuries, calculate if you are eligible to work and how much you are going to lose because you are unable to. Secondly, if you received your injury because of an unguarded hole in the pavement, or a raised flag, then you should take pictures of the scene where you received your injury.

    motorbike accident compensation claims
    How Could I Receive a Bodily Injury I Can Claim For?

    There are a number of ways you can receive a bodily injury. You could be the passenger in a car and another motorist collides with you causing you injury, then you are eligible to make a claim. You could be the victim of a serious criminal assault, such as grievous or actual bodily harm, in which case you can claim for compensation for your injuries. Bodily injuries can happens to anybody, man, woman or child, and some cases have even led to death, in which case you can start a lawsuit on behalf of your loved ones.


    If you’re looking for a trusted, UK provider of no-win, no-fee legal services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tylers Solicitors today! Our experienced team will work with you to get the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to, following any kind of injury that isn’t your fault!

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    Compensation Amounts

    Bodily Injury Compensation Claims Amounts

    There are a number of different elements to keep in mind when it comes to making a compensation claim, because the longer you are out of work the more expensive it can become to run your everyday life, especially if you have a mortgage to pay and children to feed. Curious about how much compensation you could be entitled to? Use our simple bodily injury compensation calculator below!

    Minor Bodily Injury Compensation Amounts

    Even if the bodily injury you’ve sustained is relatively minor, you will still be able to make a claim for compensation. A minor injury is normally defined as a temporary or non-debilitating injury.

    £375 to £8,000

    Medium Bodily Injury Compensation Amounts

    Medium bodily injuries will often have a noticeable impact on your life for a period of time. However, you will make a full recovery from these bodily injuries.

    £8,000 to £22,500

    Severe Bodily Injury Compensation Claims

    Serious bodily injuries will have a major impact on your life. They can often leave you dependent on friends or family for a period of time. You will recover from serious bodily injuries, but it may not be a full recovery, or can lead to long-term, chronic issues.

    In Excess of £22,500

    Permanent Bodily Injury Compensation Claims

    A permanent bodily injury will leave you with long-term injuries, and can sometimes include complete paraplegia, loss of limbs or quadraplegia. The amount of compensation Tylers can help you recieve depends on the severity of your injuries.

    Up to £307,000

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Make a Claim for Financial Reimbursement?

    A financial claim is claiming to be reimbursed for any money that you may have earned or will have been paid if it wasn’t for your injury. Lets face it, if you are injured then this can have a huge effect on the way you function at work. For instance, if you work in a warehouse and you break your hand under some racking then you are unfit for work because you cannot lift with one hand. If you work whilst suffering a bodily injury you are risking further injury and later in life this could catch up on you.

    Can I Make a Claim For Specific Bodily Injury?

    A specific injury is a serious injury such as a broken arm, ankle or leg. These types of injuries are really serious and your claim is valid just for suffering them. A serious injury will keep you out of work for much longer than anticipated and may even cause you mobility issues, in which case you will need to rely on public transport to get to the local hospital and back, or to visit your physiotherapist. All this you should keep a record of as it is costing you, the injured party, your hard earned money to treat yourself for an injury that wasn’t your fault. Here at Tylers, we can help you to make a specific bodily injury claims against the party responsible.

    Can I Claim for Pain and Suffering as Part of My Bodily Injury?

    If you are constantly in pain or discomfort then you might have a claim. It is difficult to place an amount of compensation of this type of injury but it is still a valid claim type. Tylers’ experienced team can help you to get the compensation you need with regards to bodily injury pain and suffering.

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