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Fibromyalgia Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims

Failing to correctly diagnose or delaying treatment for a debilitating illness is likely to lead to increased levels of pain and suffering. Conditions like Fibromyalgia that can cause chronic pain are best treated when they are diagnosed early. Anyone who suffers from Fibromyalgia that was initially misdiagnosed may have grounds for a claim for medical negligence. If you feel that you have been the victim of a misdiagnosis for Fibromyalgia we are here for you. 

What are the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia and How do I Get Diagnosed?

Fibromyalgia is a condition that has no definitive cause. However it is thought that the condition is a combination as well as environmental stimulus. While both men and woman can be affected by the condition, it is more likely to show up in females. While there is no definitive guide when it comes to diagnosing Fibromyalgia, there are a number of tell tale symptoms. These Include:

  • Morning Sickness
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Increase bowl movements or constipation
  • Tingling in the limbs
  • Restlessness in the legs
  • Loss of memory
  • Increase agitation

While the symptoms listed above are the ones most commonly associated with Fibromyalgia it is possible other issues could arise. If you believe you may be suffering from Fibromyalgia it is imperative that you seek a diagnosis from a medical professional such as a doctor or a nurse.

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    Can Fibromyalgia Be Misdiagnosed?

    Due to the fact that it has multiple symptoms and that they overlap other conditions means that misdiagnosis can occur. Because of it’s complex nature more serious conditions may be downgraded and misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia. When this happens it can lead to incorrect treatments which can result in that condition becoming more serious and prolonged. Some of the other conditions that may be diagnosed as Fibromyalgia include:

    • Hypothyroidism
    • Sleep Apnea
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Lupus
    • Malignancy
    • Lyme Disease

    The similarity of symptoms is one of the main reasons why the conditions listed above can often be misdiagnosed as Fibromyalgia.

    When Should You File a Fibromyalgia Compensation Claim?

    Any successful claim for Fibromyalgia misdiagnosis compensation, must prove that a doctor, nurse or any other medical practitioner was given adequate information to correctly identify the condition. If all the relevant information was provided and the diagnosis is proven to be incorrect you may have grounds for a claim.

    If you have been misdiagnosed for hypothyroidism leading to the unnecessary removal of your thyroid, when in fact you were suffering from Fibromyalgia you may be entitled to claim compensation.

    Fibromyalgia Injury Compensation Claims

    Anyone experiencing chronic pain that has not been properly treated as a result of the failure to correctly diagnose Fibromyalgia may have grounds for a claim. This is especially true if the symptoms are recorded in your medical history, and you have expressed concerns that you may be suffering from Fibromyalgia.

    If you have incurred medical expenses for physiotherapy, medication, consultations or specialist treatment as a result of a misdiagnosis for Fibromyalgia you may be able to recoup this by making a claim.

    If you feel you have been misdiagnosed as a result of the negligent behaviour of a medical professional we can help. Contact our professional no win no fee solicitors for a confidential no obligation discussion. Here at Tylers we have successfully claimed fibromyalgia compensation for many of our clients which has allowed them move on with their lives.

    Why Choose Tylers for My Fibromyalgia Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim?

    Here at Tylers our team of expert no win, no fee solicitors have a record of success spanning many years when it comes to personal injury claims. Our legal expertise and attention to detail ensures you have the best possible chance of receiving the maximum amount of compensation available to you for any distress you have suffered. To get more information on our legal services or to have a confidential no obligation discussion get in touch without delay. 


    For any Misdiagnosis Claims, call Tylers Solicitors today, a leading UK provider of no-win, no-fee legal services. Our experienced team will work with you to get the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to, following any kind of injury that isn’t your fault!
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    Compensation Amounts

    Fibromyalgia Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims Information

    As with any claim for personal injury the amounts of compensation will vary dependent on the exact circumstances of your individual claim. However there are certain guidelines that can be followed, below we have listed some of the possible amounts available as a result of Fibromyalgia Misdiagnosis.

    Loss Of Life

    While this may seem extreme in some cases a misdiagnosis can lead to severe illness and in the worst case scenario loss of life for a family member. This is likely to occur where a much more serious condition has been wrongly identified as Fibromyalgia leading to incorrect treatment. In such cases you could receive an amount of compensation of

    Up To £307,000

    Chronic Pain Disorders

    One of the main symptoms of any misdiagnosis can be chronic pain, which can make your life not only uncomfortable but in extreme cases unbearable. Chronic pain can have a real impact on your ability to carry work associated with your occupation but also normal day to day tasks. If you are experiencing unnecessary pain as a result of the negligence of a medical professional you could be awarded an amount:

    Up To £73,670

    Moderate Pain Disorders

    Pain does not to be severe for it to have a negative effect on your day to day life. Being constantly in pain however slight it is can negatively impact your quality of life and in some circumstances your ability to work. If you are suffering pain as a result of Fibromyalgia Misdiagnosis you could claim:

    Up To £33,700

    Scalding & Burning Compensation Amounts

    When the emergency brakes are deployed, or the train passes over uneven rails, it is possible for hot beverages to be spilled. This can lead to all kinds of burns and scalding, from minor injuries to serious burns requiring medical treatment. If you’ve suffered any kind of burn injury while riding the train that wasn’t your fault, don’t hesitate to call Tylers Solicitors. The more serious your injuries, the more compensation you could be entitled to.

    £1,360 to £91,910

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do Tylers Offer a No Win No Fee Legal Service for Fibromyalgia Misdiagnosis

    Here at Tylers we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of no win, no fee legal services for all our clients. Our aim is to help you get the maximum amount of compensation available for any medical negligence you may have suffered. Because all our services are on a no win, no fee basis you will not be required to make any up front payment. All our fees will be recovered from any final settlement you receive, if your claim is not successful you will not need to make any payment to us. Thanks to our no win, no fee personal injury service you can begin your claim immediately without worrying about the cost.

    How Long Have You Got to File a Claim for Fibromyalgia Misdiagnosis Compensation?

    As with most personal injury claims you have a period of up to three years to file your claim. However, it is better to file your claim as close to the correct diagnosis as possible. When you make your claim it is imperative that you have all relevant documentation including both the misdiagnosis and the correct one. As any successful claim is dependent on you proving negligence on the part of the medical professional or facility concerned the more supporting evidence you can produce the better.

    One of the things that helps determine the amount of your award is the length and severity of any suffering. Another thing taken into account are the level of negligence that has taken place. The fact that all documentation must be completed correctly and within required timescales means it is advisable to use the services of a personal injury compensation specialist.

    Here at Tylers we pride ourselves on being one of the leading providers of no win, no fee legal services in the UK. Our team will evaluate your claim based on your individual circumstances and advise you on the likelihood of success. If you feel you have suffered unnecessary pain or suffering as a result of Fibromyalgia misdiagnosis call our team without delay.

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