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Sciatica Compensation Claims

Most of the injuries sustained at the workplace involve the lower back, and can be highly frustrating unless you get the best medical attention. Workplace injuries involving the lower back are mostly caused by poor lifting, too much lifting, slips, trips, falls and repetitive awkward movements like twisting and stretching.

This perhaps explains why the term sciatica has come to the limelight a number of times, and workers are progressively seeking to know whether they can be compensated for injuries sustained at work. Well, here is all you need to know about sciatica and the kind of compensation that you expect.

What is Sciatica and How Can It Affect Me?

Sciatica is a medical term referring to the pain which radiates along the sciatic nerve right from your lower back to the hips, buttocks an down to the leg. It normally results from a compressed, protruding or herniated disc, manifesting itself through symptoms such as inflammation, numbness and nerve pain down the leg.

Whenever you sustain workplace injuries, a doctor will make various observations and ultimately variant diagnoses depending on your symptoms and the severity of the injuries. In reference to back injuries which are so common at work, however, a doctor may need several tests upon suspicion of sciatica to determine the real problem. Ideally, it is diagnosed after tests such as CT, MRI and EMG scans and tests.

If you believe your sciatica has been caused by a work-related injury and would like to know if you have a valid claim. Contact us to start your sciatica compensation claim today!

Is the Employer Responsible for Preventing Back Injuries?

There are various legal provisions that obligate employers to take care of workers and ensure they don’t suffer slipped disc injuries that can otherwise be prevented. There are strict guidelines indicating weight limits that an individual is supposed to lift. Similarly, you are entitled to multiple resting sessions if you progressively engage in repetitive physical tasks.

The employer is also obligated to assess the working environment ergonomically for any risks in order to instil appropriate interventions. Where lifting cannot be avoided, regulations require employers to find mechanical solutions or variations that are safe for the workers.

You are also entitled to the right kind of training and protective gear such as belts if you must lift or engage in repetitive tasks. Looking at all these, it is clear that the employer is responsible for your good health and will be held liable if sciatica injuries arise from his/her ignorance.

If you feel that your employer has neglected his or her duty of care and your injury could have been prevented if the correct training or equipment had been provided then you may wish to take legal action. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to start your sciatica compensation claim.

Can I Claim Compensation for Work-Related Sciatica?

If you have suffered a slipped disk injury or any other form of sciatica at the workplace, you are entitled to compensation, and this depends on the severity of the symptoms that you are experiencing. If it extends for a long time and happens to detrimentally affect your domestic and working life, it will be taken into consideration when negotiating the amount of compensation that you deserve.

If you need legal advice to determine if you have a valid claim, our team of solicitors is here to help you start your sciatica compensation claim on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Do I Need a Solicitor to File the Claim?

Working institutions and insurance companies desire to limit the amount that they pay out to compensation claims as much as possible. As such, they will go to whatever extent, including using the best available attorneys and manipulating the circumstances under which you sustained such injuries just to ensure that you miss out on the much-needed compensation.

Inasmuch as you cannot undo the damage that injuries cause to your body, at least some justice will be felt when you receive compensations that are commensurate to the predicaments that you have suffered. Precisely, you need professional personal injury solicitors to help you navigate through the process of claiming compensation.

Solicitors understand the compensation law and fully recognise the documentation needed for you to win an attractive sciatica compensation claim. With a professional hand behind your case, you are assured of a win. Start your sciatica compensation claim today with the help of Tylers Solicitors, we have helped many others win the compensation they deserve and we can help you too.

What is the Validity Period of My Claim?

Well, this may depend on the solicitor working on your case. In most cases, however, workplace injuries that were sustained within a period of three years are still valid. Three years down the line, therefore, you can still file for a claim. This perhaps gives you easy time to recover and come to terms with reality if you had enough funding to seek medical attention and care. However, courts may not recognize cases which have gone for more than 3 years without filing.

If you are looking to launch legal actions and would like advice from an expert team, please don’t hesitate to contact us to start your sciatica compensation claim.

How Much Could I Expect to Receive in Compensation For Sciatica?

There is no universally agreed upon payment that you will receive as payment for sciatica. It all depends on the merits of your case and varies from one person to another. Typically, the following considerations in will be made before arriving at the amount you will receive:

  • The nature and brutality of your injuries
  • The time taken to rehabilitate
  • Loss of income if any
  • Any psychological effect arising from the injury
  • The extent if any, of long-term disabilities which may arise from the injury

Looking at all these factors, it is obvious that the figures you receive from various websites will only be rough estimates but most of the compensations will fall within the range. However, expect an amount between £4,000 and £16,000.

As aforementioned, it is not right to go into a case with a fixed amount that you expect. As such, consult your solicitors and let them do their best to earn you optimal compensation.

If you would like Tylers to assess your case and inform you if the claim is valid and what compensation amounts to expect as an estimate based on your particular circumstance. Contact us today and start your sciatica compensation claim to ensure you get the full amount you are entitled to.

A message to take home

Sciatica is just one example of the workplace injuries which can change your life for the worse unless you are given proper treatment and compensation. While employers are responsible for your safety at the workplace, always remember that you have to take them to task by filing winning claims with the help of a professional solicitor. Similarly, remember that solicitors are willing to give free legal advice at any given moment, so take responsibility for your own health today and contact a reputable solicitor with U.K.

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