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    Can I Claim For Raynauds Disease?

    The HAVS condition is legally recognised as an industrial disease. Therefore, persons diagnosed with HAVS, which has resulted in the Raynaud’s syndrome are eligible to make a Raynaud’s phenomenon compensation claims.

    How Much Compensation Can You Claim for Raynauds’ Disease?

    Cases differ from person to person because of the intensity of the damage, and nature of the condition in question differs as so. However, there are two general sets of damages;

    1. General damages – this category covers overall damages in suffering and pain.

    2. Special damages – this category covers claims to do with loss of earnings, prescription charges, travel expenses, and damage to clothing.

    Be that as it may be, successful Raynaud’s phenomenon compensation claims earn a lot in terms of compensation payment. In 1997, the UK High Court awarded several coal miners about £127,000 in compensation for vibration white finger and Raynaud’s syndrome. Variously, by 2004, a fund set up by the UK Government to cover subsequent claims by ex-coalminers had exceeded £100 million in compensation payments.

    What are The Symptoms of Raynauds’ Disease?

    Raynaud’s Syndrome symptoms are not hard to tell and they are same as the symptoms for Vibration White Finger. They usually occur in three stages;

    1. First stage – some fingers, toes, and other extremities start to turn white.

    2. Second stage – affected parts and extremities turn blue and begin to feel nub and cold.

    3. Third stage –affected body parts start turning red. This is usually doe to blood returning at a higher rate than expected.

    During the third stage, the subject feels an unpleasant sensation in the areas affected. This is also when swelling and pain will manifest.

    Other parts affected by the Raynaud’s syndrome are the nose, earlobe, nipples, and the tongue.

    The symptoms may disappear with time and not everyone will experience all three stages. Also, these stages will manifest in different orders at times. If the symptoms do not reverse with time, then permanent damage of tissues or ulceration of the tissues is said to have occurred. In such a case – where the extremity becomes ulcerated – the subject should seek urgent medical attention.

    Raynaud’s Syndrome is usually a condition that is cause at work. It should first be diagnosed by the doctor once the symptoms begin to appear. You can see a private doctor, but if your employer provides one, it is best to see the company doctor. It is also, good practise to notify your employer in writing or just informally if you experience thee symptoms of both or either HAVS or Raynaud’s Disease.

    If you belong to a workers union, you could make efforts to notify your union representative. They may help in changing the work conditions to a suitable and conducive work environment.

    Bottom line is that your employer is obligated to provide you a conducive work environment. If you feel that the work environment is not safe or you need protective gear, which are not provided for, notify your employer. They should be able to make some positive changes. However, if you already have HAVS and it has caused the Raynaud’s disease, then you are eligible for compensation. Seek out a professional solicitor who is an expert in Raynaud’s phenomenon compensation claims and they should be able to help you be compensated.

    Unlike other solicitors, we handle Raynaud’s phenomenon compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis where you do not pay anything if the case is lost and you do not get compensated.

    Where Can I Find More Information on Raynauds Disease?

    Matters such as the Raynaud’s phenomenon compensation claims are very complex and involving matters. It is always advisable to seek expert opinion and help on how you can best approach the matter. In this case, the right person to see would be a professional compensation solicitor. They will not only provide more information but also, advice on how best you can approach the matter, estimate how much in compensation you stand to be awarded, and offer to make the claim on your behalf for increased chance of success in the case.

    How Can I Make a Compensation Claim for Raynauds Disease?

    If you feel like you suffer from HAVS as a result of poor work conditions and it has caused the Raynaud’s disease, an expert solicitor is the right person to approach to help you make your compensation claim.

    Raynaud’s phenomenon compensation claims are very complex matters that involve a lot of legalities. It is to have a professional compensations solicitor make the claim on your behalf.

    Our solicitors can make claims of compensation for the Raynaud’s disease on your behalf. With years of experience in personal injury and industrial disease injury cases, and having successfully made thousands of Raynaud’s phenomenon compensation claims, they are sure to make for a strong representation.

    Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Solicitors for Raynauds Disease Compensation?

    We understand that Raynaud’s disease is a painful and sensitive condition. We also understand how it feels to loss a compensation case for Raynaud’s disease and have to pay for the treatment on your own as well as the solicitor fee. We therefore offer our services on a No Win, No Fee basis.

    How Long Before I Can Claim for Raynauds Disease?

    If you have been diagnosed with HAVS or Raynaud’s disease as a result of working with vibrating tools, then you are eligible for compensation. There is no time limit to making the claim but as always the sooner the better. Also, there are some instances where the symptoms for Raynaud’s disease disappear with time. In such cases, it would be difficult to make a successful compensation claim for Raynaud’s disease.

    Timely Raynaud’s phenomenon compensation claims are sure to emerge successful and earn a good payout in compensation for the disease. Call Tylers Solicitors today on 0800 699 0079 to start your claim.

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