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Broken Chair Compensation Claims

Broken Chair Injury Compensation Claims

Injuries caused by broken and faulty chairs are commonplace in both the workplace and hospitality venues. You may be entitled to broken chair compensation if you suffer injury that is caused by the negligence of a venue or its owner. Sitting on a faulty chair can result in a number of different injuries from broken bones to sprains, muscular problems or ongoing spinal problems. Here at Tylers we have extensive experience when it comes to dealing with broken chair compensation claims. So, to take advantage of our no win no fee services and get your claim for broken chair compensation underway call our team today.

What are the Main Causes of Broken Compensation Claims

Chairs are something that we use almost every day of our lives. We probably never even give them a thought until something goes wrong. However, poorly maintained and unstable chairs can cause a multitude of problems for people sitting on them. When chairs break or collapse anyone sitting on it could suffer injuries from minor bruises to significant orthopaedic damage. Also if you sit regularly on a chair that is not ergonomically suited to you it could cause lasting damage to your back or spine. So, if you feel you have suffered any type of injury as a result of a faulty chair contact us today. Our experienced team will discuss your personal circumstances, and if appropriate get your broken chair compensation claim underway immediately.

    What are the Most Common Broken Chair Injuries?

    Head Injuries: Head injuries are usually sustained as a result of a heavy fall when a chair breaks or collapses resulting in you banging your head on the floor. In extreme cases a fall from a broken chair can leave you with severe head injuries.

    Back Injuries: This is a common occurrence when employees are forced to sit on unsuitable or unstable chairs. A chair that is not ergonomically suited to you could leave you with injuries to your spinal cord or discs that leave you with excruciating back pain.

    Broken Limbs: Falling from a broken chair could lead to you breaking bones in your arms and legs or even a collar bone. If this happens and it is not your fault you may be able to claim broken chair compensation.

    Torn Muscles and Ligaments: Torn or damaged muscles or ligaments are in many cases more debilitating than breaks or fractures and often take much longer to heal.

    How Do I Make a Claim for Broken Chair Compensation

    Making a Claim is not difficult, all you need to do is contact our expert no win no fee solicitors and they will advise you on how to get started. When making a claim for broken chair compensation it is important you have all the information before you begin. The most important things are details of the accident, proof that you were not at fault, and any negligence on the part of the business owner. You should also get documentation from the medical professional that treated you outlining the injuries you sustained as a result of the accident. The more evidence you can supply the more likely your compensation claim is to be successful. Having all the evidence will also help expediate any claim, and ensure you get the compensation amount you are entitled to.

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    Compensation Amounts

    How Much Broken Chair Compensation Could I Receive?

    There is no exact science when it comes to putting a figure on the amount of compensation you could receive as a result of using a faulty chair. The thing that will determine the maximum amount of compensation available is the nature of the injury you sustained. The more severe the injury is then the higher the compensation award is likely to be. It is important in any compensation claim to employ the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Our professional personal injury solicitors will put forward the strongest case possible to help you get the broken chair compensation you deserve.

    Some of the compensation amounts available are:

    Breaks, Fractures, Dislocations, Sprains and Muscular Injuries

    When falling from a broken chair If you suffer a break, fracture, sprain or some form of muscular injury through no fault of your own you could be awarded a compensation amount of:

     Up to £52,540

    Back Injuries:

    When you are forced to sit on an unsuitable chair or one that is not ergonomically designed for you it is likely to result in back problems. This could range from minor discomfort all the way through to more serious disc or spinal damage. If you find yourself with any kind of back trouble as a result of being forced to use a broken chair you could be entitled to a compensation amount of

    Up to £151,040

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When Can I Make a Claim for Broken Chair Compensation?

    While personal injury claims can be made up to three years after any accident it is better to do it immediately. The longer you leave it the more difficult it is to clearly remember the exact details. It is better to make your claim while everything is fresh in your mind and the evidence and doctors reports are readily available. Also any witnesses you may have will also have things clear in their mind. So, if you feel you have been the victim of negligence and are looking to claim broken chair compensation call our team without delay.

    Are Tylers a No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors?

    Yes we are, we operate completely on a no win, no fee basis, meaning that our clients do not have to pay if their case is unsuccessful. Our team will work diligently to ensure you get a successful outcome and make sure you receive the largest amount of compensation available.

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