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Design Defects Compensation Claims

    However, it is an unfortunate fact that the things we buy sometimes fall far short of the standards of quality we expect them to uphold.  When some products are faulty or defective, the worst thing that could happen is that you may be slightly inconvenienced.  With other products, however, the worst case scenario could be much worse as you could end up being injured quite severely with a trip to the nearest hospital a distinct possibility.  If you have been a victim of a faulty or defective product as a result of a design defect, you may be entitled to make a product liability compensation claim with Tylers.

    What are the most common injuries resulting from faulty or defective products?

    Faulty products can cause a wide variety of different injuries.  This can include such things as:

    • Cuts and bruises from defective equipment and appliances
    • Burns and electrocution from electrical products
    • Road accidents due to improperly manufactured vehicles
    • Injuries caused by faulty products and appliances used in the home and garden
    • Hair and scalp damage caused by hair dryers, bleaching equipment and tongs
    • Food poisoning caused by improperly prepared, cooked or already contaminated food products
    • Choking or damage to the teeth caused by hard foreign objects in food
    • Injuries caused by faulty medical equipment and implants
    • Injuries caused by exploding compressed air canisters
    • Faulty toys causing injuries to children
    • Becoming ill or suffering serious side-effects from taking defective medication

    Faulty or defective food products

    When you hear the phrase faulty or defective product, your first thought will probably be something electrical.  In fact, it can be applied to anything that you can buy, and this includes food.  You can make product liability compensation claims for food products that have caused you physical injury or illness.  This may include such things as foreign objects that should not be in the food or food that has been infected due to cross-contamination.

    Finding a foreign body in your food can be at best unpleasant and worst extremely dangerous.  Thanks to metal detectors, it is now practically unheard of to find a piece of metal in a food product, but that doesn’t mean to say that other hard objects that can damage your teeth can find their way in somehow.  In addition to finding foreign objects in your food, you may also be made ill from food products that have been improperly prepared.

    As is the case with non-food products, the claim will most likely be made against the company from which you bought the offending product or from which the product was made if you have found a foreign object in your food or have been made ill by eating undercooked or improperly prepared food products.  This is also the case even if you weren’t the person who bought the product and as long as you received an injury or were made ill, you could be eligible to make a claim even if it wasn’t particularly severe.

    What factors determine how much I could claim?

    If you have been the victim of a faulty or defective product, there are some factors that could determine how much you could be entitled to claim.  The extent of your injuries is one such factor that is extremely important as the highest amounts are awarded for the more severe injuries.

    Another important factor determining how much you could claim the length of time since you received your injury.  You should be fine as long as you make your claim within three years of the accident happening as this is the deadline for compensation claims to be made in the UK.  This is why it is vitally important that if you wish to make a claim, then you should do so within that period.

    You must also be able to prove that the accident was caused by the faulty or defective product.  This can be difficult with some personal injury compensation claims but with product liability claims it is far easier as you will have practically all the evidence you need by keeping hold of the product in question.  Using products improperly will also likely invalidate your claim, and so that is why it is also extremely important that you were using the product properly and can prove so to make a claim.

    How can compensation help?

    If you have been injured by a faulty or defective product and are awarded compensation, the money with which you are awarded can help in any number of ways.  One important way in which the money can help is that it can be used to pay for any adaptations to your home or car if you have been left with some degree of residual disability.  If you have decided to use the services of a private medical provider instead of the NHS, you can also use the money to pay for it.

    Additionally, you can use the money to pay for any travelling expenses if you have had to travel to medical appointments for treatment.  Keeping hold of all bus tickets, receipts for petrol and items you have bought as well as invoices will help immensely as they are proof of purchase and will, therefore, increase the likelihood of you being awarded compensation of an amount with which you are happy.  On top of this, you will also be awarded an amount of the general pain and suffering you have had to endure as a result of the accident.

    What should you do after suffering an accident as a result of a faulty or defective product?

    There are some things you should do after suffering an accident or becoming ill due to a faulty or defective product.  If you are capable of doing so, you should consider recording it by taking photographs if there is anything potentially dangerous about the product that will be illustrated on camera.  If you suspect that you have been made ill by a contaminated food product but didn’t finish eating it completely, you can save what is left so that it can be tested.

    If you were you using the product in a public place and there were witnesses to your accident, you should consider taking the names and contact details of witnesses so that you can take their testimony at a later date when you require it.  It is important to remember that to be in the best chance of receiving compensation and receiving an amount with which you are satisfied; you must be able to prove that the accident wasn’t your fault.  Doing any of these things will help towards ensuring that this is the case.

    Call Tylers today

    Don’t delay any longer if you have been the victim of a faulty or defective product.  At Tyler’s, our expert solicitors have many years’ experience dealing with product liability claims regarding faulty or defective products and will do all within their power to help you claim the compensation that is rightfully yours.  Nobody should have to suffer personal injury as a result of using a product that has been improperly designed and manufactured.  That’s why Tylers are here for you should you ever be unfortunate enough to suffer one of them.

    If you are looking for highly professional and meticulous solicitors who will treat you with the utmost care and respect and keep you updated every step of the way through the claims process should any developments arise, Tylers is the solicitor for you. We are unmatched in Greater Manchester for the quality of service with which we provide our clients and remain one of the most trusted names in law in the UK.  So get in touch with us today to start your claim.

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