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Skin Injury Compensation Claims

Skin Injury Compensation Claims

When there is something wrong with your skin, it can be a serious problem. It could not only signify that you’ve picked up a skin disease, but it can be extremely embarrassing on a cosmetic level. You can’t afford to ignore any kind of skin injury. Getting your injury or disease treated as quickly as possible is extremely important. These issues can often develop into other conditions or spread across your skin if not dealt with quickly. If you’ve suffered a skin injury, or picked up a skin disease, through no fault of your own, get in touch with our team today.

What is a Skin Injury / Skin Disease?

These skin conditions can either be minor or serious injuries and illnesses. Some of these conditions can be brought about by an accident, whereas some are the result of illnesses. It is also possible for some products, such as makeup, to cause allergic reactions or to trigger injuries in sensitive skin. Any kind of skin injury or skin disease can be extremely problematic for a range of reasons. For example, some can cause long-term damage to your skin, resulting in cosmetic problems. They can also be painful, irritating and uncomfortable.

Many kinds of skin disease can cause your immune system to weaken. This can cause you to be more vulnerable to other illnesses. Similarly, a skin injury could become infected, which can lead to a variety of health concerns.

    Are Skin Injuries Easy to Identify?

    Most skin conditions are fairly easy to identify, either due to their appearance or the irritation/pain that they cause. As soon as you notice any issue with your skin, you should see your healthcare professional immediately. Not only can this help to alleviate worry about the condition, but it can prevent long-term damage and other symptoms from occurring.

    What are the Different Kinds of Skin Conditions in the UK?

    There are many different types of skin conditions which you can suffer from. Some of these issues will occur via disease, whereas others will be caused by accidental/deliberate injury. If you think you’re suffering and it isn’t your fault, contact Tylers today.

    What are common causes of Ankle Injuries?

    Contact dermatitis is one of the most common kinds of facial and hand skin injuries in the UK. It is a kind of eczema brought on by contact with harmful substances. The symptoms can include:

    • Skin Reddening.
    • Blistering.
    • Dry and Cracked Skin.
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    Compensation Amounts

    Skin Injury Compensation Claims Calculator

    If you have suffered any type of skin injury and it isn’t your fault, you could be owed compensation. Ultimately, it comes down to factors such as the severity of the injury which equates to the amount you could be owed. Curious about how much money you could be entitled to? Use Tylers’ simple skin injury compensation calculator below!

    Temporary Dermatitis Compensation Amounts

    Itching, irritating and painful skin conditions which resolve themselves in a short amount of time. This can include a range of skin conditions, including dermatitis.

    Up to £3,500

    Moderate Skin Injury and Skin Disease Compensation Amounts

    Long-term skin conditions which can be unpleasant to deal with. These issues will resolve themselves eventually, but can cause weeks or months of irritation, pain and cosmetic embarrassment.

    £3,500 to £10,000

    Severe Skin Conditions Compensation Amounts

    If you are left with a permanent or reoccurring skin injury. This can include painful, irritating and embarrassing injuries. In many cases, these conditions can have a detrimental impact on your confidence and mental health.

    £10,000 to £17,000

    Mild to Severe Scarring Compensation Amounts

    If your injury or disease has left you with any kind of skin scarring, you could be able to claim for compensation. You can claim for mild and severe scarring, particularly if it occurs on your face, arms, hands or legs. This will take into consideration your age, location and severity of scarring.

    Up to £77,000

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Am I Eligible for Skin Disease and Skin Injury Compensation Claims in the UK?

    If you’ve suffered, or are suffering, any kind of skin injury or skin disease that isn’t your fault, get in touch today. These conditions can be caused in a wide variety of ways, from accidents to faulty products and spreading diseases. So long as you can prove that someone else is responsible for your skin injury or skin disease, such as a product manufacturer or employer, you could be eligible for compensation.

    Here at Tylers Solicitors, we can help you to understand if you are eligible for a personal injury claim. If you are, our team of no-win, no-fee legal experts will do everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve.

    Why Tylers Solicitors?

    For more than 10 years, the legal experts at Tylers have delivered a no-win, no-fee legal service. We can work with you to make skin disease personal injury, accident at work or medical negligence claims against the person or company responsible for your condition.

    Whether you’re suffering from a painful and irritating skin disease, or a long-term skin injury, get in touch with our team today. Skin injury and skin disease can not only be painful and harmful, they can also have a range of associated psychological problems. As such, getting the compensation that you are entitled to is extremely important.

    Does a Skin Injury or Skin Disease Count as a Disability?

    There are some skin conditions which can be so painful, uncomfortable or visible that they can count as disabilities. Your condition will have to be severe to count as a disability. You will have to ask your healthcare professional for more information.

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