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There are some children who are born with abnormalities which the doctor should have diagnosed before they are born, this makes it possible for parents to take necessary actions if they wish. If you give birth to a baby who has birth defects which originated when the fetus was developing, but the doctor failed to advice you accordingly, then you can decide to sue the doctor for negligence. The doctor should carry out different tests on your unborn child so that you will know whether there are any birth defects which you should be prepared to face after the child is born.

Remember, if the doctor has diagnosed the condition early and advised you accordingly, you should be prepared psychologically and take necessary measures. In order to easily process your case, you should start by hiring highly qualified solicitors who will help you in the process of filing for Wrongful Birth Compensation Claim

What is a Wrongful Birth?

Wrongful birth is a case where a child is born with defects which the parents consider too difficult for the child, and there’s the possibility that they could pose serious heath risks later down the line. In some cases the parents could have chosen to have the fetus terminated instead of letting he/she develop further. There are some genetic disorders which can be diagnosed when the fetus is developing so that the parents can take necessary actions. The diagnosis should be carried out by the family doctor who will then advise the parent accordingly.

If a person gives birth to a baby who has genetic disorders without the diagnosis needed, then they can consider filing for Wrongful Birth Compensation Claim. The law has guidelines on what should be brought about as evidence for possible compensation. You need to work closely with solicitors who will advise you on the necessary steps you will be required to take so that you will claim the compensation. Tylers Solicitors are happy to guide you through the process every step of the way.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim for Wrongful Birth?

The amount of compensation you will receive will be determined by many factors. For example, the solicitors will take into consideration the deformities of the child. If the parents consider the birth has caused them suffering, they will be taken into consideration when trying to determine the amount the parents will be paid. There is no to need worry about the amount, just work closely with your solicitor and he/she will advise you on the correct payment that you will be able to receive as compensation. For you to be offered the right compensation you deserve, it is advisable for you to work closely with your solicitor. Taking the time to choose the best solicitor will increase your chances of being offered the highest amount of compensation possible.

What are the Symptoms of A Wrongful Birth?

It can be very easy to detect the symptoms, you will just have to check on the physical condition of the baby. If you think the baby is suffering from deformities which arise from genetic disorders, then you will need to have this confirmed by a medical professional. You can then take necessary actions and have the doctors who failed in diagnosing the deformity correctly liable for the wrongful birth. It can be tricky for you to file for compensation, but after you decide to work closely with highly qualified professionals things can be much easier for you. Tyler will take into consideration different factors so that you will be offered the right compensation you deserve.

Is Tylers a No-Win, No-Fee Wrongful Birth Compensation Claims Solicitor?

We can offer you the services on a no win no fee basis, this depends on some factors of the case itself. We are dedicated professionals who will work on your case and ensure you receive the necessary compensation you deserve. We are readily available to serve you, just contact us and we will discuss your case, or arrange a meeting so we can discuss everything in more detail on a face-to-face basis. In a no win no fees, the professionals will work hard and quickly to ensure that you receive the compensation.

How Can I Make a Wrongful Birth Compensation Claim?

The process of making your claim is quite easy, you will just have to collect evidence and locate a competent solicitor whom you can work with. Tylers can advise you on the necessary documents you will be required to prepare so that they will be able to easily process your case. Even if you have never processed wrongful birth case before, you will easily claim for compensation after you decide to work with highly qualified professionals in the field.

How Long Do I Have to Claim Compensation for a Wrongful Birth?

The time you will have to wait for the compensation to be processed will vary from one case to the other. This will be determined by many factors, if you would like to have your case processed within the shortest time possible, then you should consider professionals who will be ready to work on your case promptly so that you will save on time. Tylers have a lot of experience in the field and will try to process your case within the shortest time.

Why Should I Choose Tylers Solicitors for Compensation Claims?

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