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What is Congenital Hip Dysplasia ?

When you become pregnant, much attention is required at prenatal stages and postnatal stages. One of the fatal complications that could happen during a pregnancy is Congenital Hip Dysplasia. The term Congenital Hip Dysplasia refers to a condition in which the thigh bone has come out of the hip socket. This condition results into unstable ligaments, which become loose and stretched. The ultimate result is that the thigh bone can become totally misplaced from the hip socket as the baby develops inside the mother.

How Common Is Congenital Hip Dysplasia ?

There is always some risk of congenital hip dysplasia, but they can increase in certain situations. A breech delivery, or a first-time pregnancy may be considered as high risk factors for the condition. Without exception, all babies should be checked for hip dysplasia promptly after their birth. Due to the rapid speed at which babies grow and develop, a delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis can make the treatment required muxh more complicated.

Delays in making a hip dysplasia diagnosis can have serious long-term consequences, and in such scenarios a claim for Hip Dysplasia Compensation can be made.

What Makes Congential Hip Dysplasia More Likely?

Does a Breech Delivery Increase the Risk of Congenital Hip Dysplasia ?

During delivery, the doctors if not careful can end up with a breech delivery. Breech delivery occurs when the hips of a baby come before the head. This might occur as a result of the negligence of the doctors. Under such circumstances, the affected mother can sue the responsible doctors for their professional negligence in a court of law.

Is Congenital Hip Dysplasia More Common With First Time Pregnancies?

The second circumstance that might cause Congenital Hip Dysplasia is for first-time pregnancy. For first time mothers, much attention is required. This calls for rigorous check-ups from the doctors. It is hence imperative that all babies be checked for Congenital Hip Dysplasia immediately after birth. Any delay to have the diagnosis done can translate into long-term complications that might cause the child to become susceptible to further health related problems such reduced agility and walking difficulties. When caught in such state of an affair the mother can henceforth contemplate of unprofessional claim.

Victims might suffer not only health wise but also consequences such trauma. Financially when trying to deal with the problem, time to taken to take care of the patient etc. Since there are several reasons as to why this particular situation might occur, the legal claim is specific on such professional negligence. The claim can be made on the following basis:

Who Was Responsible At The Time of Delivery?

The doctors are held responsible for any delivery that goes wrong and hence such a doctor faces the dire consequence. The compensation might be costly. This is meant to foot the bills and take care of the patient. Such a patient is treated with a lot of care and the patients are sometimes pushed beyond their limits of paying medical bills. Basing on this fact the doctors and the medical practitioners who are responsible must pay heavily to take care of the patient.

A team of good attorneys might come in handy to help victims to follow the legal procedures to file such a claim in a court of law. It is hence important that experienced lawyers are hired for this task. One can make apt inquiries just before embarking on this particular mission. The lawyers who have accrued experience relating to cases of this nature are highly recommended. The terms of engagement are inclusive of the advice from a team of medical expertise. This information is pertinent to arrive at the sole cause of the problematic. A victim of such professional negligence needs to be informed this necessary legal measures to find consolation and compensation.

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