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What Is a Stroke?

It is common knowledge that when blood supply is restricted to any organ it begins to die. Since the brain is one of the most important organs in the body, any lack of supply of blood and oxygen to the brain results in the death of brain cells.

As a result, not only is there impaired cognition but the nervous control of the brain is hampered. This manifests itself in various serious conditions such as paralysis. This medical situation is called a stroke and is in most cases fatal.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Delayed Diagnosis?

While filing for compensation, one of the first things that people want to know is how much they can claim. Since a stroke is a serious and life-threatening medical condition, one can claim anywhere between £170,000 to £360,000. However, this is only a rough figure and depends on the final negotiations drawn between the parties.

What Are The Symptoms for Stroke Misdiagnosis and How Can I Get Diagnosed?

Since a stroke can be fatal if left untreated, it is important to be able to identify the symptoms and get diagnosed immediately. The common symptoms of a stroke are:

Partial paralysis or dropping on one side of the face

Slurred speech

Sudden weakness or numb sensation in the arms resulting in lack of movement

Diagnosis is based on a multiplicity of medical tests. These range from CT Scans to MRIs. Doctors can usually diagnose a stroke looking at the pattern of initial symptoms. However, for a full and proper diagnosis scans and tests are crucial.

What is a Stroke Misdiagnosis ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ Claims Solicitor?

The No Win, No Fee Solicitor is basically one who looks over the pros and cons of your case without charging a fee. For those who are looking to see whether the condition merits stroke misdiagnosis compensation, this is a good and cost-effective option.

Where Can I Find Out More Information About Stroke Misdiagnosis?

If you are looking to claim stroke misdiagnosis compensation and are in the need of further assistance, it might be worthwhile to contact the Stroke Association as they provide support services to families everywhere in the UK.

How Do I Make a Stroke Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim?

In order to file the complaint, a written letter with the relevant documents must be sent to the third party. In addition to this, it is advisable to maintain a copy of the letters in order to ensure that the legal process proceeds without any hassle.

While filing the complaint, having a copy of the medical bills, scans, reports and prescriptions is of utmost importance.

How Long Until I Can Claim for Stroke Misdiagnosis?

The issue of time is entirely dependent on the two parties involved in the proceedings. For instance, the medical officer or hospital might be willing to settle the dispute fast but might offer a lower compensation. If this does not suit the customer, the negotiations might take some time before they can be concluded. Medical negligence claims is time-extensive depending on the willingness of the two parties to co-operate and come to an agreement.

Should I Call Tylers Solicitors For My No-Win, No-Fee Compensation Claim?

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