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Blighted Ovum Compensation Claims

Have you been misdiagnosed for a blighted ovum?

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    Blighted Ovum Compensation Claims

    There is nothing more exciting to a woman than getting the news that she is to be a mother. The thought of that tiny body growing inside your own is simply unmatched by anything else, but that joy can quickly fade when the mother is given the news that the life she thought she was growing within her is no longer alive. The medical term for this is a blighted ovum, but it is most commonly referred to as a miscarriage. The medical world tends to look at a blighted ovum as merely a fluke, but to the mother, it is certainly no fluke.

    Is It Possible for a Blighted Ovum (Miscarriage) To Be Misdiagnosed?

    The statistics surrounding a blighted ovum suggest that approximately 15% of all pregnancies will end in miscarriage, but more and more cases are occurring where the patient receives a misdiagnosed blighted ovum. Misdiagnosed blighted ovum situations can happen for any number of reasons.

    • Too Early to See – Most cases of misdiagnosed blighted ovum occur from the doctor simply performing the initial ultrasound too early. The new guidelines for determining a blighted ovum states that the doctor cannot definitively diagnose a blighted ovum until the sac reaches a size of 24mm.
    • Retroverted Uterus – Women that have a retroverted uterus can make seeing the baby during the ultrasound quite difficult. The slight tilting of the uterus means that the sight angle may be off just enough to prevent the ultrasound tech from properly getting a good look at the sac.
    • Unsure of Conception Date – A woman’s date of conception is what the doctors will go by to determine how many weeks the pregnancy is. The doctor can sometimes misdiagnose a blighted ovum simply because they believe that the pregnancy is more advanced than it actually is.

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    What are the Symptoms of a Blighted Ovum?

    Like any medical condition, a blighted ovum can have many symptoms associated with it. Some of these symptoms can sometimes go unnoticed by the woman during her first pregnancy simply because she does not have experience with pregnancy. Throughout your pregnancy it is vital that you maintain an open door of communication with your doctor and ask any questions that you may have. There is no question they have not likely heard and the more you know the better off your experience will be. Here are some of the symptoms to watch for that may indicate a blighted ovum.

    • Bleeding – During a normal pregnancy bleeding does not occur. Light pink blood or even heavy bleeding may occur at the onset of a blighted ovum. Consult your doctor immediately if bleeding of any type occurs from the vaginal area.
    • Abdominal Pain – Although there are pains that can occur throughout the pregnancy such as ligament stretching once the baby begins to grow, there are no such pains associated with the earliest stages of pregnancy. If you experience abdominal pain that feels like cramps or intense pressure, seek medical attention immediately.
    • Clots – Once a blighted ovum has already occurred, the body will attempt to eliminate the baby from its system to keep the mother from having any additional problems. Commonly, the woman will begin to pass grey matter from her vaginal area and this unfortunately is the fetal remains.

    Am I At Risk of Suffering a Blighted Ovum (Miscarriage)?

    Some women are more at risk for a blighted ovum than others. Where a misdiagnosed blighted ovum can occur with any pregnancy, it is best to understand any risk factors that you may have that could get in the way of you filing a claim against those that misdiagnosed you.

    • Age – The age of the pregnant woman is always of concern and those that are above the age of 35 are more likely to have a blighted ovum. This is not only inclusive of the woman, but the man as well.
    • Smoking – Smoking has been linked to an increase in the risk of a blighted ovum. Any woman that is pregnant should stop smoking directly.
    • Heavy Caffeine Intake – Caffeine is now considered a risk factor for a blighted ovum and therefore should be eliminated or at the very least, reduced during pregnancy.
    • Alcohol Usage – Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and can bring about a blighted ovum.
    • Obesity – Your health can factor into your risk of a blighted ovum and therefore those that are obese have an increased likelihood of losing the baby.

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      Do I Have Grounds for a Blighted Ovum Claim?

      Just because the doctor states that you have suffered from a blighted ovum does not always mean that one actually occurred. The news that you are no longer pregnant can lead some women to engage in practices that actually cause a blighted ovum and therefore misdiagnosis is highly risky. Not only can the woman suffer from a blighted ovum from engaging in known risk factors, but it can sometimes cause the perfectly healthy baby within the woman’s womb to suffer lifelong ill effects such as slow learning or physical ailments that lead the child to have a lesser quality of life.

      If you have been the victim of a misdiagnosed blighted ovum, there is no reason to wait on filing a claim. The quicker you file your claim the less likely other women will have to suffer the way that you have. A misdiagnosed blighted ovum has become more and more common in recent years and there is no reason that you should have to suffer from the negligence of one or even a team of doctors.

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