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Plastic Surgery Compensation

What is Plastic Surgery Compensation?

If you’ve undergone any kind of plastic surgery which has gone wrong, you could be entitled to a cosmetic surgery compensation claim. When plastic surgery does go wrong, there are normally two reasons. These are:

  1. A mistake was made during the surgery. This can have unintended and semi-permanent/permanent cosmetic impacts.
  2. The plastic surgeon neglected to provide you with all the relevant information. This can prevent you from making an informed decision, leading to surgical choices which may not be the best option.

If either of these instances apply to you, or your plastic surgery simple hasn’t delivered the results you expected, get in touch with Tyler today. Here at Tylers Solicitors, we can provide a full range of no-win, no-fee legal services to help you get the compensation you are entitled to.

Any kind of cosmetic surgery can go wrong – as such, making a claim for plastic surgery compensation is extremely important. Our experienced solicitors will do everything we can to get you the compensation that you are entitled to. Whether you’ve suffered a minor or major cosmetic injury, get in touch with our experienced team today. Our expert solicitors will do everything we can to help you move on with your life.

How Much Compensation Can I Get for Plastic Surgery Claims in the UK?

The amount of money that you receive as part of your plastic surgery compensation will depend on the severity of your injuries. The physical injuries that you’ve suffered, in addition to any psychological damages, will be the main factor in deciding the amount of compensation that you receive. The more serious your injuries, and the effect they have had on your life, the more compensation you will be entitled to. When we’re working on the final compensation amount, multiple factors will be taken into consideration. These can include:

  • General Damages, including Pain and Suffering.
  • Cosmetic Injuries.
  • Your Age and Profession.
  • Any Medical and Travel Expenses.
  • Recovery Period, or Until the Damages are repaired.
  • Short/Long-Term Care Costs.
  • Long-Term Health Concerns, including Serious Psychological Injuries.

Below are some of the amounts that you could expect to receive for the injuries that you’ve sustained. These figures are simply guideline amounts – the actual amount of plastic surgery compensation that you receive will depend on your unique circumstances.

Plastic Surgery Compensation Amounts

Type of Plastic Surgery Injury Description Amount of Compensation
Moderate to Serious Psychiatric Damage When plastic surgery goes wrong, it is likely that you will suffer some kind of psychological issue. These can sometimes be minor, but in many cases, it can increase self-consciousness and have a major impact on your life. These injuries can be so serious that they can prevent you from being able to work or even leave the house. £4,450 to £88,000.
Facial Disfigurement (Male) If you’ve been left facially disfigured by plastic surgery, then you will be able to claim compensation. This can include anything from minor scarring which is only visible on close inspection to serious and disfiguring scarring. Even if further corrective surgery is possible, you will still be able to claim for compensation following these injuries. Whether this surgery is part of a treatment or elective, you will still be able to claim for compensation if it goes wrong. £1,300 to £50,000.
Facial Disfigurement (Female) If you’ve undergone any kind of medical or elective facial disfigurement, you will be able to claim compensation. These injuries can be fairly minor, with scars only visible on close inspection. It is also possible for the scarring to be much more serious, having a serious effect on your lifestyle. In many cases, these injuries can prevent you from working and leave you in a great deal of pain. £1,300 to £74,000.
Scarring or Disfigurement Across Your Body Depending on the kind of plastic surgery you’ve undergone, it is possible that you could suffer scarring or other disfigurement across the rest of your body. The compensation you receive for this will depend on the severity of your scarring, its visibility and the impact it has had on your life. Up to £77,850.

How is Plastic Surgery Done?

Plastic surgery is used to restore the function of tissues and skin, in addition to returning the appearance of the area to normal. There are many different techniques used in plastic surgery, which can be used to treat a variety of conditions.

What are the Different Techniques Used in Plastic Surgery?

There are many different techniques used in plastic surgery across the UK. These can include:

  • Skin Grafts.
  • Skin Flap Surgery.
  • Tissue Expansion.
  • Fat Transfer/Grafting.

These three techniques can be used together to resolve a wide range of physical conditions.

What are Skin Grafts?

A skin graft is when healthy skin is removed from an unaffected area of the body. It will be used to replace lost, scarred or otherwise damaged skin. This is one of the most common kinds of plastic surgery.

What is Skin Flap Surgery?

Skin flap surgery is where a piece of tissue it transferred from one part of the body to another. This includes the blood vessels which keep the tissue alive and healthy. The tissue usually remains attached to your body while being moved.

What is Tissue Expansion?

This is where the tissue surrounding an injury is stretched. The benefit of this technique is that it allows the body to grow extra skin. This skin is then used to reconstruct the nearby, damaged or scarred area.

What is Fat Transfer/Grafting?

Fat transfer/grafting is a technique by which the surgeon will remove fat from one area of the body and graft it elsewhere. This technique is normally done to correct unevenness and other cosmetic issues.

Is Plastic Surgery Permanent?

Most kinds of plastic surgery are permanent solutions. If they don’t turn out exactly right, they can often be attempted again in the future.

What is the Difference Between Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is conducted to resolve serious problems and medical conditions. Cosmetic surgery includes things like face lifts and Botox injections. They are designed to change your appearance without any kind of medical benefit.

Is Plastic Surgery Dangerous?

Plastic surgery is mostly safe; however, it is possible for mistakes to be made, or the treatment to be unsuccessful. In some cases, plastic surgery can be dangerous. The risks of plastic surgery are no different from any other surgery.

What Can Go Wrong with Plastic Surgery?

There are many risks associated with surgery to resolve cosmetic conditions. These are similar to the risks of any kind of surgery and can include:

  • Pain and Discomfort.
  • Excessive Bleeding.
  • The Risk of Infection.
  • Short or Long-Term Scarring.

Does Plastic Surgery Hurt?

Plastic surgery will either be conducted under local anaesthetic or total anaesthetic. As such, you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. However, your recovery period can be painful and can sometimes require painkillers.

Can I Get Plastic Surgery on the NHS?

You can get plastic surgery on the NHS. As this kind of surgery is designed as a medical procedure, rather than an elective option, it is available for treating a range of conditions.

What Conditions Can be Resolved with Plastic Surgery?

Just some of the conditions plastic surgery can be used to treat include:

  • Breast Reconstructions (Often Following Cancer).
  • Cleft Lip and Palate.
  • Serious Birthmarks.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Craniosynostosis.
  • Pressure Ulcers.
  • Dupuytrens Contracture.

Am I Eligible for Plastic Surgery Compensation in the UK?

If you’ve undergone surgery to resolve a cosmetic medical condition, then you could be able to claim for plastic surgery compensation. Whether you receive this treatment from the NHS or from a private healthcare clinic, you will be able to make a claim for compensation.

Here at Tylers Solicitors, our no-win, no-fee legal experts will help you to get the plastic surgery compensation you are deserved. Our solicitors have helped hundreds of people to get the compensation they are entitled to following surgery gone wrong.

Will Tylers Represent My Plastic Surgery Compensation Claim?

Here at Tylers Solicitors, our solicitors can deliver a complete range of no-win, no-fee legal services. We can provide all kinds of legal services to help you get the plastic surgery compensation you are entitled to. Our experienced team have helped people who have suffered serious scarring and psychological injuries following failed plastic surgery.

For more information on our range of no-win, no-fee legal services, get in touch with our team today. You can reach our experienced team today by calling us directly on 0800 699 0079. If you prefer, you can also send any questions or concerns that you might have through our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

For any Cosmetic Surgery Claims, call Tylers Solicitors today, a leading UK provider of no-win, no-fee legal services. Our experienced team will work with you to get the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to, following any kind of injury that isn’t your fault!

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