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What is the Time Limit for Personal Injury Claims?

Time Matters: The Crucial Time Limit for Personal Injury Claims

In the aftermath of an accident or injury, seeking personal injury claim compensation is a crucial step towards recovery. However, time is of the essence when it comes to filing a personal injury claim. In this blog post, we’ll explore what types of compensation you can claim, the time limits for making a personal injury claim, considerations for injuries sustained abroad, exceptions to time limits, and specific aspects of medical negligence claims.


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What Type of Things Can I Claim Compensation For?

Personal injury claims cover a broad spectrum of incidents where an individual sustains harm due to the negligence or intentional actions of another party. Common scenarios for compensation include:

  • Road Accidents: Injuries sustained in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, or pedestrian collisions may be grounds for a personal injury claim.
  • Workplace Accidents: If you’re injured at work due to unsafe conditions or employer negligence, you may be eligible for compensation.
  • Slips and Falls: Injuries resulting from slips, trips, or falls in public places or on private property can lead to a personal injury claim.
  • Medical Negligence: Harm caused by medical professionals due to negligence or malpractice may warrant a medical negligence claim.
  • Product Liability: Injuries caused by defective products or inadequate product warnings can be the basis for a personal injury claim.


What Is the Time Limit for Making a Personal Injury Claim?

The time limit, known as the “limitation period,” for making a personal injury claim in the UK is generally three years from the date of the incident or the date when the injury was first discovered. It is crucial to initiate legal proceedings within this timeframe, as claims filed after the limitation period are likely to be barred.


My Injury Was Sustained Abroad; Do the Same Time Constraints Apply?

If your injury occurred abroad, the time limits for making a personal injury claim may differ based on the country’s laws where the incident took place. It is essential to seek legal advice promptly, as the jurisdiction and applicable laws can significantly impact your ability to file a claim.


Are There Any Exceptions to the Time Limit for Making a Personal Injury Claim?

While the three-year limitation period is generally strict, certain exceptions may allow for extensions. These exceptions include:

  • Minors: If the injured party is a minor, the three-year clock typically starts on their 18th birthday, offering additional time to file a claim.
  • Mental Incapacity: If the injured person lacks the mental capacity to handle their affairs, the limitation period may be postponed until they regain capacity.
  • Delayed Discovery: In cases where the injury’s consequences were not immediately apparent, the limitation period may commence from the date of discovery.


Are the Time Limits Around Medical Negligence Claims the Same as Personal Injury Claims?

Medical negligence claims follow the same three-year limitation period. However, the starting point may vary. For medical negligence, the clock typically begins from the date of the negligent act or from the date the injured person becomes aware of the negligence, whichever comes later.


If You Contract a Disease or Medical Condition Through Negligence, but It Isn’t Diagnosed Till Some Years Later, How Long Do You Have to Claim?

In cases of diseases or medical conditions diagnosed years after exposure, the limitation period often starts from the date of diagnosis rather than the date of exposure. However, navigating such claims can be complex, and seeking legal advice promptly is crucial to ensure compliance with the applicable time limits.



Time is a critical factor in personal injury claims. Understanding what you can claim compensation for, the three-year limitation period, and any exceptions or variations based on the nature of the injury, jurisdiction, or delayed discovery is essential. If you believe you have a valid claim, seek legal advice promptly to initiate proceedings within the prescribed timeframe. Remember, time matters when it comes to securing the compensation you deserve for the harm you’ve endured.

If you are unsure about when to make your claim, contact Tylers Solicitors on 0800 699 0079 or via our contact form and we’ll be happy to assist. At Tylers, our team has a wealth of experience in successfully pursuing personal injury claims for our clients. By taking advantage of our no-win, no-fee legal services, you can begin your claim immediately and remove any worry about missing the cut-off date.

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