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Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims

What Do I Need to Know Before Starting to Claim for Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis?

Prostate cancer is a serious and sometimes deadly disease with effects an alarming amount of the UK populace. In a study conducted by the Cancer Research UK, it showed that 46,690 men were diagnosed (new cases) with prostate cancer with only 84% of those diagnosed from prior studies with prostate cancer will surviving. Clearly, a diagnosis of such an illness is a devastating blow to anyone. Yet, when the blow is a misdiagnosis or when a person who has Prostate cancer dies or suffers from amputations and other emergency procedures because of a prostate cancer misdiagnosis, the effects are catastrophic, both mentally and physically. If you believe that you have been the victim of prostate cancer misdiagnosis, here are a few things you should know before you file your claim.

What Kind of Negligence Have I Suffered?

Was the negligence of the doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner the result of not diagnosing you with prostate cancer when you have the disease, or was the diagnosis stating that you did have prostate cancer when you did not have it. Such is important in establishing the negligence. Secondly, you need to determine who is responsible for the negligence. Keep in mind that if you were NOT diagnosed with prostate cancer and you later found out that you did have prostate cancer, that you will be asked whether or not you participated in screenings as is advised by UK National Screening Committee (UK NSC). Even if you did not participate in such screenings, do not worry. The BBC has stated that such screening are not beneficial for prevention.

What Should I Ask Myself When Determining the Type of Negligence?

  • Was the doctor, nurse, or medical professional given adequate information to make the proper diagnosis?
  • Did the medical professional take due diligence when performing a screening or other tests?
  • Were there any symptoms which should have been recognised by a medical professional which would cause alarm?

Do I Have Grounds for a Negligence Claim?

Prostate Misdiagnosis claims must show that either the diagnosis stated that you had prostate cancer when you did not or that you did not have prostate cancer when you in fact do. The level of the negligence is based upon the gravity of suffering and loss which resulted from the above.

Those which have undergone chemotherapy to treat prostate cancer only to find out that there was no prostate cancer to begin with, definitively have grounds for a claim, especially if the treatment was continuous.

Those which were not diagnosed with prostate cancer after presenting ample symptoms to a doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner only to find that they did have such and have suffered the loss of internal organs as a result of trying to contain and remove such cancer, have grounds for a claim.

If the prostate cancer has spread to other sections of the body due to a misdiagnosis of not having cancer you have grounds for a claim.

Those which were diagnosed with Prostate cancer and have taken prescriptions, treatments, or other rehabilitation exercises which resulted in the loss of employment, wages, and finances may have grounds for a claim if it can be shown that such losses were a direct result of the misdiagnosis.

Any family member who has had a love one die as the result of prostate cancer misdiagnosis should have grounds for a claim, especially if symptoms and prevention (screening) were present.

Those which have had spouses or other live-in partners leave as a result of the emotional trauma which can develop from prostate cancer treatment and stress, may have grounds for a claim, specifically if the departure was a direct result of being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer when in fact you were cancer free.

Again, if you feel that you may have grounds for a compensation claim, please contact a professional compensation expert. If you believe that you have been misdiagnosed, you are strongly encouraged to seek the second opinion of an accredited doctor, nurse, or practitioner.

When Should I File My Compensation Claim?

Filing your claim should be done as quickly as possible. The sooner you file the better your chances are to receive compensation. There are time limits on when you can file your claim as well as forms and documentation which must be filed at the appropriate time and with the appropriate departments.

Compensation is based upon the grossness of the negligence, the duration of the suffering, the level of suffering, as well as other contributing factors. Medical records and documentation are advised in filing such a claim. It is also advised that you use the legal services of a compensation professional when filing your claim. A claims expert will be able to evaluate your specific case and then present the options which are best suited to get you the compensation you deserve for your prostate cancer misdiagnosis.

Why Should I Choose Tylers Solicitors for Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims?

Should you have any questions regarding your potential claim or to start the process of filing a prostate cancer misdiagnosis claim, please contact us directly.

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