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Contaminated Soil Compensation Claims
Soil contamination has a myriad of causes and an equal number of effects on the environment and everything in it. When the soil on your land or near you is contaminated you can file for contaminated soil claims and get the compensation you deserve.

What is contaminated soil?

In legal terms, contaminated land is one that contains substances that could cause significant harm to people, other species and causes significant pollution to underground and surface water.

There are many places where contaminated soils can be found. The most common are areas where factories and industries were once located, refineries, landfills, steel works and coal mines. The contamination is often due to the culprits not following the set disposal and land use regulations or if such regulations did not exist at the time.

How do you know that soil is contaminated?

Illnesses and injuries to people in the area will be a common sign that something is wrong with the soil. It may not be easy to point out what the exact cause of the illnesses or health defects are but public health studies can identify such. The most commonly affected groups of people are agricultural and industrial workers. This is because these are the people that come into direct contact with the soil. Other than these, the plants growing on such soil can affect the animals and humans who eat them. Some of the effects include cancers, kidney damage, liver toxicity, skin rashes, depression and so on. The common signs and symptoms shown by humans are headaches, fatigue, nausea, skin rash, eye irritation and abdominal pains.

Who can make contaminated soil claims?

Anyone who suffers from injuries as a result of coming into direct or indirect contact with contaminated soil deserves to be compensated. Though the compensation my not help make the injury less severe it will make it more bearable.

If you were exposed to the contaminate soil while at work then your employer will be the one to settle your claim. If not, the person responsible for contaminating the soil will need to be identified and the claim made against them. Your solicitor will take care of determining who needs to pay for their carelessness so you need not worry about this detail.

You will need to gather enough evidence to show that your disease or injury is actually due to the contamination of the soil. This is often not easy since such injuries have many other causes. Some like lead poisoning are characteristic but others are not. Ensure that you keep all your medical records and talk to your solicitor at all times during the process. Start pursuing the claim as soon as you experience any of the effects that are caused by soil contamination. There are time limits to making such claims so be advised that it is bests to start as soon as possible. If contaminated soil claims seem to be a long shot to take, your solicitor will advise you to sue for personal injuries instead. No matter what advice it is that you get, ensure that you take it so long as it is from a reliable person.

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